Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7 Days To Go

I saw my doctor this morning for my weekly appointment. My blood pressure was higher than last week which he said was good because then he will have grounds for an induction should we choose that route. He said we'd talk about it at next week's appointment.

I've gained 1/2 a lb (sigh...moo) and my measurements haven't changed from last week so he thinks Jordan may be moving down a bit and is guestimating she will be around the 7 lb mark. Her heart rate continues to be at 150. All is well.

I saw two newborns at the doctor's office today and it made me all excited! She's coming! She's coming!

This afternoon I bought some toiletries for my hospital stay and will finish my bag tonight. I have so much laundry to put away for Jordan it isn't even funny! I don't know where I will put it all.

Last night Ian had to take our cat Max to the vet because he's been crying a lot lately, throwing up and dragging/licking his butt. Turns out he has a blockage in his urethra. They had to give him a shot to chill him out so they could drain everything and then flush water around his bladder. Ian said he was completely stoned. He is coming home tonight so we're all looking forward to his return. Poor little fellow.

That is all.

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  1. Awwww! Poor Max.

    So weird that we both have cats named Max!