Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy Week

What a week. I can't believe it's Thursday night.

Monday ~ Ian insisted that I "take the night off". I felt so bad because a) I would be leaving him with the entire herd and no help and b) I really, really wanted to get out of the house. He is so good to me that way, ensuring that I have time for myself to recharge. I went to the movies by myself which I love to do. I invited my friend Jen to come with me to see Prom Night but she revealed that she's a big baby who doesn't like scary movies so I ended up going alone. I've never gone to a scary movie before so I kept looking behind me to make sure no one was sneaking up on me. Afterwards I walked around Wal-Mart and bought myself three magazines. I kept looking around for the children, then would remember I was on my own. It felt weird. I thought about going to Second Cup to read and have a cup of tea but by then I was really tired.

Tuesday ~ Ian took the children to the local pool to give Julie a swimming lesson. Apparently it didn't go so well because she screamed and cried and embarassed Ian. He came home all red-faced and super cross. He said all the parents and lifeguards were looking at him like he was the worst parent ever. So... we won't be going back to that pool again.

Wednesday ~ Jordan had her hearing test done at the hospital and passed in both ears. The woman doing the test kept calling in her co-workers to see the "beautiful" baby. I expressed some concerns about Jordan's ears so she went and got two nurses from the NICU to check her over as well. (I am lame, I know) After that we went to pick up Ian for lunch and he was able to leave for the day so we stopped in at Fisher Price and bought a toy for Jordan and a birthday gift for a party Jules is going to this weekend. Later on we all went to a different pool so Ian could try giving Julie another lesson. It went better than the night before so we might be able to return to that place.

Today ~ I was up a lot with Jordan during the night and I was so tired this morning. It was all I could do not to snap at the kids while getting them ready. I eventually cried in the car on the way to my mother's because I was so tired. Mom took them to school so I could rest on the couch and then sent me to my old room to sleep and watched Jordan for me. I slept from 11am until 2:30 pm. GLORY! Man was I tired. After school I took the kids to the park for an hour since it was such a beautiful day. What a gift this weather has been after that long winter.

Tomorrow I am going to clean my house or die trying. Saturday Julie has a birthday party to go to and Ian's aunt and uncle are visiting in the afternoon. Sunday I think I will bring Jordan to church and I might take Jules mini-golfing in the afternoon for our girl-time. Monday the kids have dental appointments, Tuesday is an early-release day, Wednesday I am at the school to hear Julie read a bible verse on the announcements..... crazy crazy.

I am off to bed now. I hope I get a bit more sleep tonight!

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  1. Awww! She gets to read the bible announcements?! That is so cool!