Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Report Card Time & Stuff

The children brought home their report cards today and Samuel surprised me by bringing home a C+ and being very cavalier about it. He is a mostly A student so this was very surprising. A few of his grades have gone down but only by a smidge. I think he has gotten very comfortable with being a top student and perhaps hasn't been putting forth the effort to maintain his good grades. All in all, it's still a really good report card and he will still be rewarded for his hard work.

Julie's report card was terrific. Her grades either went up or stayed the same and she is now a mostly A student as well. Her conflict resolution and cooperation has gone up as well. I'm really pleased with her because she took her work and behaviour seriously enough to improve on them. She will be rewarded as well.

Tonight Ian is taking Sam and Jules to the swimming pool to start teaching Julie how to swim. We bought her a new bathing suit as a bribe. (Some bribe... she needed a new one anyway!) She is not thrilled about the lesson, but very thrilled about her new bathing suit. She doesn't like to get her face or hair wet at all and she is scared about going under water. Sam has become a little fish and is looking forward to helping Ian teach Jules. It's so sweet to hear Sam encouraging Julie that she can do this.

Jordan had a rough night last night. She is all stuffed up and Ian sat with her in the bathroom with the shower running for as long as he could stand it, and we ran the vaporizer all night next to her crib but she was still stuffed up. She was very fussy today, wanting to be soothed and cuddled constantly. She hardly slept or ate at all. I gave her a bath in the late afternoon and she is now sleeping peacefully in her swing. I hate that she is under the weather when she is only a week and a half old. I might take her to the doctor. She also has a gooey eye too, which I think is a blocked tear duct. (She cried tears yesterday! So cute) If she has another night like last night I will try to get her in to see the doctor.

I am tired, but a good tired. I love my life. I love that I am at home even though my house is a complete disaster. I have the energy to do something about it, but Jordan needed all my focus and attention today. Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Way to go Julie and Sam on great report cards!!!

    Poor Jordan! I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Way to go Julie and Sam on great report cards!!!

    Poor Jordan! I hope she feels better soon!