Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Early Days

It's so hard to believe that Jordan is only a few days old. It feels as though she has been with us forever. Well, she *has* been with me for 9 months, but I think you know what I mean. We love having her here so much.

Her first night home was so fun. We were all tripping over one another to take care of her. She woke a fair bit during the night for cuddles and we were more than happy to oblige her.

Ian was home yesterday and I'm going to call it as I saw it - he was hogging the baby. If her diaper needed changing, he did it. If she fussed, he got her. If she was hungry, he fed her. UGH. *I* wanted her! LOL.

I ran a few errands in the morning then my mom dropped by in the afternoon to see Jordan. Then the kids came home and wanted to hold her. I thought for sure I would get her once they went to bed but NO... Ian had her again! Sigh. I actually thought about breastfeeding JUST so she would be mine alone. How selfish is that???

I finally got her all to myself, cuddled, changed and fed her at midnight. She slept until 4:30 then woke for a diaper change and a feeding and put her down again at 5am and she slept until 7:30! I felt so rested. Ian asked if I had to get up with her much during the night and I was happy to report how well she had done.

Jordan's cord stump came off today. Very early I must say. Mom and I took her to the doctor for her 48-72 hour check up. Dr L said she was PERFECT and didn't need to come back until her one month appointment. She is now 8lbs 4 oz but it's normal to lose a bit of weight in the early days. We talked all about germs and vaccinations. I felt like a first time mother all over again. She didn't like him poking and prodding her and cried and turned beet red. I felt all proud when Dr L told me that I did a great job throughout my pregnancy and that he heard I was great during the delivery.

I just have to insert this while doing a happy dance - three pregnancies and three deliveries and no hemorrhoids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom and I took Jordan to meet my aunt then went out for a girl's lunch. My inlaws came at 5pm to visit and even brought dinner!

That's it for now....

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  1. You did do wonderfully during your pregnancy! You were glowing!

    I'm glad to hear Jordan is doing well! Now tell the family to stop hogging her! ha ha!