Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm alive!

These past couple of weeks have been so insanely busy but they're behind us now, and we are slowly unpacking and settling into our new home. It feels different here. Better. Happier. We are hopeful again.

I can't believe that just a month ago we listed our house and we're already in a new one. I am reminded once again that no matter how dark things seem to be, God is always with me and always at work for me. So thankful for that.

In other news, I've been temping at my placement for just over ten weeks now, and yesterday they presented me with an offer of full time employment. The salary is better than I had hoped for, and they've met me on a few points I came back to them on. I will finish out the week with the agency and then go on the company's payroll on Monday. I have mixed feelings about this. I miss being a stay at home mom more than I could ever say, but I am thankful for this opportunity.

Our van broke down last Thursday and we had to get a rental car: a Toyota Yaris. I felt like I was driving a go cart! We returned it this morning and I was sad to see it go. I'd grown a little attached to it.

I feel as though I have tons to talk about, but my eyes are heavy and I'm very sleepy. Before long I won't be making much sense!

I'll be back soon...



  1. So happy about your job and home...God is good and I love that He is taking good care of you....showing you some light after some darkness! Blessings to you friend!!

  2. So excited for you guys!! God is always faithful... (even when we doubt lol) COngrats on the job offer! Thats awesome!

  3. Hooray for opportunities, though! And although we miss you dearly on regular blogging, we totally understand. We love you, Kate!

  4. Yay for the job!! I'm glad to hear you are doing well!