Sunday, December 14, 2008

Smackdown 2008

High drama today.

I sent the children upstairs to the bathroom to brush their teeth before we headed out this afternoon. Within 5 minutes I heard a lot of yelling and someone crying.


Apparently Sam was taking up too much of the mirror, so Julie bumped him to the side. He bumped her back and the toothpaste fell off the counter. So Julie bent over to get it, bumping him with her bum. Sam shoved her and she banged her head on the wall. Julie in turn picked up her toothbrush and went at Sam's arm and shoulder in a stabbing motion.


So Sam was crying and I couldn't blame him when I saw the welts rising up on his skin. Good thing Ian arrived to end it all because I don't think Jules was quite done with Sam yet.

Siblings! (insert deep dramatic sigh here)

Julie had a birthday party today and the entire class had been invited. It's all she's been talking about for a month now. After this whole fiasco we said she couldn't go, but then I got to thinking about the kid who was having the party and how disappointed he would be if she wasn't there.

Yes... we let her go.

We are currently trying to decide on an appropriate punishment fitting the crimes of shoving your sister into the wall head first and for stabbing your brother with the handle of a toothbrush.

Suggestions anyone??

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  1. listen to the crickets chirping here...LOL

    sibling drama is one thing this only child household it lucky to do without! LOL