Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fastest June On Record

This month has been absolutely crazy and I can't believe that July is just next week.

So... we sold our house.

Here's a quick run down on how things have gone in the last few weeks.

June 4 - we had our real estate agent come over to sign the papers to list our house and have a For Sale sign go in the lawn.

June 7th - our listing hit MLS and we got our first call requesting a showing. We weren't quite ready so we declined.

June 8th - we had three showings

June 10th - open house

June 11th - two showings. Our agent called us asking to come by that evening to talk. One of the couples that came that morning were making an offer. It was much lower than we had listed at, and they were requesting a July 16th closing. Doable. We countered with a new price and waited.

June 12th - went to look at a house that was for rent and we all liked it. The landlord was very kind and the house was bright and clean. Our agent came over in the evening with a counter offer. The couple had come up in price, but with a new closing date of June 30th. Still doable. We accepted the offer but were told it was conditional on financing and it would take up to five days to be confirmed.

June 13th - went back to look at the house. We all fell in love with it. It had everything we asked God for, and then some.

June 14th - Ian got a call from the guy renting the house. He had another family interested in renting and was willing to pay more than we were, but he really liked us and wanted to give us the opportunity to commit to the lease. I felt sick. None of us wanted to lose this house! But... if the financing didn't go through for the buyers, we'd have two houses. After discussing it and praying about it, we decided to commit to the lease. We met with the landlord at the house and signed. He gave us the keys right then and there and said we could start moving in anytime. Later that night I brought my mother by the new house so she could see it. She LOVED it.

We visited the house pretty much every other day or so, taking measurements and planning. Every day that passed and we didn't hear any news about the financing was hard. For me, at least. Ian never waivered - he had faith that everything would go through, and if it didn't, he knew God would provide another option. Me? Stomach aches, headaches, couldn't sleep, wound so tight, you name it. I couldn't have heard God telling me anything if He was shouting an inch from my face!

June 18th - the house inspector came, along with the buyers and their agent. Ian said the inspector came with two huge black suitcases and a ladder and went over everything with a fine tooth comb. As he was leaving, Jordan went out on to the porch and yelled "bye bye, sucka!" Twice. I was sure he'd fail us.

June 21st - we received verbal confirmation that the financing had been approved.

June 22nd - Ian booked our movers and in the evening we went out for dinner to celebrate!

June 23rd - went to the new house and I cleaned, the children played in the backyard and Ian made trips back and forth moving boxes. It was a happy day.

For the last two days, Ian has made countless trips to the new house moving stuff. And caring for the kids. And dealing with a million details. And getting up with Matthew throughout the night. He is exhausted. I appreciate his hard work more than I could ever say.

Tonight we had our first dinner at the house. Ian's best friend Gary came and it just felt wonderful. After dinner my mom came to visit and got to see how everything was shaping up. We talked and talked and it felt so good to see her. With things being so busy I haven't been over much of late. Having her in my new home felt awesome. She has been such a constant source of support for us, in every sense.

It's a very busy week. There is a lot of pressure at work as it's month end, and I'm trying to fit five days of work into three because I'm taking Thursday and Friday off.

I have a lot of packing to do still. I should be doing that now, but I felt like blogging instead.

We are so in love with this new home that God has so lovingly provided for us. It feels right being there. The neighbourhood is lovely and quiet, and even though it's less than ten minutes from where we've lived for the last 13 years, it feels like another world. We're going to be happy there and we're going to make great new memories. So thankful for this blessing.

Not sure when I'll be able to blog again but if you could keep our family in your prayers over the next few days, we'd be so thankful. There are still some details that need to come together and we're trusting that God will work all of that out.

I can't believe things have gone so quickly. We are feeling very, very, blessed. God continues to be so good to us.

That's it for me - I'm off to bed!


Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm so happy to report that our house has sold!

There is so much to write about, but today is going to be a very busy day and I need to get going.

I will be back to tell you what's been going on in the last couple of weeks just as soon as I can.

Thank you for your prayers!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Reposting this from Father's Day 2010. It was true then, and it's still true today.

Happy Father's Day - you are deeply loved.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Father's Day is a bittersweet day for me.

When I was six years old, my dad moved out.

I was the only kid I knew that didn't have a dad living at home and for the first time in my life, I felt shame.

The kids on the street and at school were always asking me were my dad was, so I created a lie that he was a truck driver and was on the road for months and months at a time. I couldn't have them knowing that he didn't love me enough to stay with me.

Of course, just because he wasn't living at home with us didn't negate the love he felt for us....but try telling that to a little girl who believed with all of her heart that she wasn't good enough, and who would face a lifetime fighting against that inner voice that told her she just wasn't worth it.

I don't have memories of my father reading me bedtime stories, or tucking me in at night. I don't remember what it felt like to have my little hand tucked inside his big one. I don't remember what it felt like when he hugged me. I can't remember if he ever told me I was beautiful.

When I was 14, my father died suddenly. I never even got to say goodbye.

Oh Daddy... how I miss you. Even after all of these years, I miss you so much.

But the Lord is good. He sent me Ian.

I knew that Ian would be a wonderful father when I saw him with my 1 year old nephew for the first time. He was gentle, encouraging, loving and oh so fun.

Whenever we went anywhere, children would just gravitate to him. I don't think there is a child that has met Ian that hasn't loved him.

I can still remember how tiny Sam was when he was first born and he seemed even smaller in Ian's strong hands. He held him with such gentle care and I knew Sam would always be safe with him.

I remember the tears in his eyes when Julie was born. She was so small and delicate, and Ian held her so gently, as if she would break.

By the time Jordan arrived, I had had a front row seat to several years of watching Ian rocking the father role. I knew she would be well loved by him.

Like I said, I knew Ian would be a wonderful father, but he has exceeded my hopes, dreams and expectations in ways I can't find the words for.

He has coached little league baseball and soccer. He has kissed owies, and scared away monsters. He has played and encouraged and prayed over and loved these children.

Our Sam has grown into a kind and compassionate young boy under his father's loving care, and I know without a doubt that he will become a strong, compassionate and godly man. How could he not with Ian as his example?

Our girls, Julie and Jordan.... They are safe and secure in the knowledge that their father loves them. They know what it feels like to be told by their father that they are beautiful and worthy and delighted in.

Ian is tireless when it comes to loving on our children and he works so hard to provide for them, without a single complaint. He puts them before himself, so they always know they matter and are important.

He helps with school projects. He explains math. He builds bunk beds. He sources out the best video games. He brushes little girl hair. He taught Sam and Julie how to swim. He changes diapers. He blows bubbles. He shares his love for the Lord with them. He shares his beloved chicken wings. He cuddles them. He teaches the importance of laughter. He gives Sam girl advice. He reminds Julie that she will be a prize to the man she chooses to marry. He continues to take her to 3-D movies because he knows that one day she will overcome her fear and stay for the entire movie. He goes to Jordan during the night to soothe her when she has nightmares, even though he has to get up early to go to work. He hugs away the hurt when pets die.

He seldom says no. He spoils. He delights in his children and takes his role as father very seriously. He knows they are blessings from the Lord and he is committed to raising them up with a strong foundation in Christ. He encourages them to question what the Bible says, because he knows the answers are there.

Ian, I wish I had words to explain how you have healed the wounds in my heart, just by being such a loving father. Every time you hug them, or tell them you love them, or laugh with them, a piece of my heart is restored. I appreciate all that you do for us.

Thank you for being you, and for loving our children so well. You truly are the World's Greatest Dad, and we love you so much.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So much to blog about, so little energy.

So much to blog about, so little energy.

It's been a very busy week and it's only Wednesday. I feel like Friday will never get here.

My coworker fainted on Monday. It was a very dramatic few minutes as a different coworker tried to revive her. People were running around like chickens with their heads cut off and no one was taking charge. Suddenly the Health and Safety guy came running into our department, snapping his gloves on with such purpose, it was as though he'd been waiting for this moment his entire life. She ended up going to the walk-in clinic, took the next day off and she was back today. So glad she's alright.

Speaking of walk-in clinics, I went to one on Monday night. I've had this cold now for three weeks and it's getting on my nerves. I'm not one to go to the doctor for a cold, and it makes me twitch when people tell me they do... such a waste of time. Take fluids, rest and wait. Well three weeks is a long time so I figured I'd go and see what was up.

There's something about a walk-in clinic that is just so grody. The doctor listened to my chest and back, took my temperature and looked down my throat, then announced that I had bronchitis and gave me a prescription. Three minutes and I was out.

I decided to go and see my own doctor on Tuesday night. I tried so hard not to cough when I was there because if you do, they make you wear a mask and put you in the Coughing Corner. Well I did cough and they did give me a mask which I refused to wear, and did the walk of shame to the Coughing Corner.

I forgot that at this time of the year my doctor's office has residents in for a couple of months. The one I saw was very nice but asked a million and one questions. He was listening to my back and kept getting lower and lower and I actually thought he was going to try to listen to my butt. I didn't say a word. I assumed he'd figure it out. He said my chest was very "rattle-y". It's true and so gross to listen to.

While we were talking he suddenly rolled his stool over to me and grabbed my wrist to check my pulse. I was startled at the intensity of it. I just love how the residents manage to make me feel as though I'm five minutes from kicking the bucket.

Diagnosis? A respiratory infection. Medication? None. Fluids, rest and patience. I was sent for blood work to make sure I wasn't anemic from the medical issue I had earlier this year. He said that it would eventually pass, but it could take 5-7 weeks before I'm 100%. Perfect. I am beyond exhausted and he said that's because my body is fighting so hard against the virus.

I don't like being sick. I really don't. And even worse? My Sam has the same thing. Poor guy.

There is so much going on here right now, but it will be a few days before I can talk about it. I'm hoping that everything will come together and I'm trying not to fall down in a fit of anxiety in the meantime. If you could keep praying for us I would truly be so thankful.

That's it for tonight. I'm going to bed.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's Sunday night and I'm pooped.

Friday we had three showings - two scheduled for the morning, and a surprise one in the evening. We took the children to McDonald's for dinner and then wandered around Walmart for a bit. I love wandering around Walmart. It's on my top ten list of favourite things to do.

Saturday was our sweet Mattie's first birthday. I woke up early and watched him while he slept. Ian and I kept joking about the funny things that happened during our labour and delivery. Like how I wouldn't start pushing until 9:12 because I could not have him born at 9:11. And at 9:17 am we sang Happy Birthday to him.

His birthday party was in the afternoon. My mom, Ian's parents and our dear friend Gary came to celebrate our little guy. Ian bbq'd burgers and hot dogs, and I had baked his birthday cake. I set the cake down in front of him and his eyes went wide, then he started crying as we all sang Happy Birthday. That was short lived when he realized he wasn't going to get into trouble for grabbing his cake. With both hands! He tasted the frosting and was one happy little boy. It was all over his face, both his arms, his shirt, both legs, and the tray of his high chair... which he was licking... So precious.

So, I'm the mother of one newly minted one year old.

Today I woke up and felt lousy. I've had this cold for two weeks now and it's just not going away. I ended up missing church because I just felt so worn out. I think that makes three weeks of church in a row that I've missed. I don't like that.

In addition to feeling lousy with this cold, I also struggled with a lot of anxiety this morning. Our church picnic was this afternoon AND we had our first open house.

I get very anxious about having people in my house. It's a sore spot with Ian and me because he is very social and loves to have people over. I am - believe it or not - extremely shy and I'm always worried people will criticize me or judge me.

But having strangers in my home? That's just too much for me. Seriously. I have felt so much anxiety this week. When someone books a showing, they have to do it though a real estate agent, and their information is recorded. But for an open house? Anyone can walk off the street and into my house. My bedroom. My children's bedrooms.

And so, this morning I had a meltdown. I felt so filled with anxiety I just couldn't help it. Poor Ian. I know an open house is a necessity but I just hate the idea of all that stranger danger in my house. No idea how many people came - or if any of my nosy neighbours came through the house while we were gone. Two more showings booked for tomorrow.

And then there was the church picnic. A social situation. I was worried about who I would sit with, would we find shade for Matthew, how many stupid things would I end up saying. Crazy right?

Mom kept Willow at her house for us so he'd be out of the way for the open house and we headed up to the Scott Mission Camp for the picnic. As usual, I shouldn't have worried about anything. We found a large patch of shade and several people seeking shade as well joined us and there were lots of people to talk to. I loved watching Sam and Julie heading off to hang out with their friends, and even Jordan found someone to play with. I don't think Matthew liked the feel of the grass because he never left the blanket. He just crawled back and forth.

And here I am, tucked into bed, ready to have an early night.

If you are of the praying kind, I'd appreciate it if you would keep Ian in your prayers tomorrow. He's working on something that we are praying will go in his favour and if it does, I'll be sure to tell you about it. I figure the more voices that pester God on his behalf the better!

And that's a wrap!


Friday, June 08, 2012

5QF ~ June 8

What a week. I am STILL fighting this cold. Now, in addition to coughing like a 100 year old smoker, I sneeze constantly, my ears keep plugging up and I'm always blowing my nose. I have two kleenexes left in my box at the office and I forgot to buy another box at the store last night. I'm in a panic people.

Last night Ian and I took the little ones out shopping for Matthew's birthday gifts. I canNOT believe this precious child will be a whole year old on Saturday. What joy he has brought us in the midst of an extremely difficult year. God knew what we needed. Doesn't He always?

SO EXCITED!! We have our first showing sometime between 10-11 this morning and a photographer is coming to take photos of the inside of the house. We're all taking bets to see how long it will take to sell. I'm loving how clean and organized everything is!

It feels good to feel excited about something again. It's been awhile. We're all looking forward to a fresh start.

Enough chit chat! 

It's time for Mama M's Five Question Friday blog hop!

1. Did you do anything special for your kids on the last day of school? Or did you parents do anything special for you?
One of my favourite memories of my childhood was the last day of school. My mother would always be watiting on the porch with a pitcher of ice cold kool-aid and enough glasses for all of my friends. We'd sit together, talking over one another and drinking until the pitcher was empty. Every year.

There have been several years when the children would walk to my mother's house on the last day, where she and I would be waiting with a pitcher of juice and a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I love that they love that, and that we're making special memories.

2. What's your favorite summer tradition with your children?
We don't really have one because every summer is different. We'll go to the beach a couple of times but as they get older they have their own things they want to do.

I love camping and would really love to take the children to Algonquin Park for a weekend. Jordan has never camped before but I'm sure she'll love it too. And Mattie... well, he's a wild card!

3. What was your favorite thing to do during the summer as a kid? Um... not having to go to school.

4. How old were you when you were married? Were you a Bridezilla?
I was 25 when I got married and I think I was too young. I didn't have a CLUE what life was all about. But I knew I loved my Ian and he was the one for me.

Bridezilla? No! I wish I had been though. Just a little bit. I feel as though there were things I agreed to that, looking back, I should have spoken up about or pushed back on. But I was worried about being rude or hurting people's feelings. When I see young brides today... man... they seem to have so much confidence and they know what they want.

Our day was beautiful. No question about that.

5. What is your favorite girl name?
These days I'm loving the name Amy. It means "loved one". If I were to have another daughter I'd want to name her Amy Elizabeth Joy.

I also like Avery, Kendall and Kennedy.

That's it! Enjoy your Friday!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This And That

Big news at our place today...

We listed our house yesterday! The sign is in the lawn and we are good to go! We all worked like crazy this past weekend to get everything ready and the realtor came last night. We (and by "we" I mean "me") asked a million questions then signed all the paperwork. I followed him out and took pictures while he put the sign up. He was almost as excited as I was!

So... here we go.

I'm excited. I really am. We don't know how quickly it will sell, or where our next home will be. But what we do know is that God's in control of it all.

In other equally exciting news, I'm eating peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and it's very, very good. It's President's Choice and was on sale for $2.99. YUM. I'll have to tuck it further back into the freezer lest someone gets any grand ideas of helping themselves.

Today I read in the news that groceries are crazy expensive in Nunavut. A box of macaroni here might be a  couple bucks, but there it's $13.99. I can't imagine. Flour is over $33. Whoa.

Ian and I stopped at the dollar store on our way home from my office tonight and when we came out there was a woman standing outside with a sign. All I read was "dear brothers and sisters..." and I couldn't read anymore. She didn't see us walk past, but I felt such a pull towards her. I turned back as we walked, and saw person after person after person walk past her like she was invisible. My heart broke. Ian and I wanted to help her but things are hard for us as well. All through Home Depot I felt as though I was going to throw up.

When we came back out, Ian gave me something to give her. I walked over to her, all the while watching people walking by her like she didn't exist. I gently touched her arm and she turned to look at me.

Oh her eyes. 

They told me more than her words ever could.

I pressed what little we had to give her into her hand and she thanked me over and over in a voice that was weary.

I squeezed her arm gently and said "God bless you" and turned to leave, tears already falling. I can't stop thinking about her. I wish I stayed with her for a bit and asked her story. Kept her company. Maybe even  prayed with her. I wish I had shown her that love.

I can't imagine how impossibly difficult it would be to stand in her shoes, asking strangers for money, and being ignored... over and over again.

This life is hard. God knows this. He knows.

This weekend is Matthew's first birthday. I originally wanted to celebrate with just the six of us, but somehow it's gotten to be much bigger. Ah well. A little dude can never have too much love.

That's it for me. My ice cream is in my belly and I'm exhausted. I have a cold and and I'm exhausted. Time to put my coughing, sneezing, snarfy and sniffling self to bed.


Friday, June 01, 2012

We Have A Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my snack cup giveaway!

We have a winner!
And the winner is....

Jenn T!

Congratulations Jenn! Shoot me an email at katieb38@hotmail.com so I can connect you with Jill to place your order.

Thanks everyone!


5QF ~ June 1

Oh Friday... how I've been longing for your arrival. Welcome, welcome.

The first of June... where is this year going?? Our sweet Mattie will be 1 year old on the 9th.

I've had a very sore and scratchy throat this week and a cough that makes me sound like a 100 year old smoker. My sides and back ache from all the coughing.

I'm wrapping up week 6 of my temp assignment. The workload is heavy and there is a lot of pressure to produce, but I think I'm holding my own. I sure do love when payday rolls around let me tell you. Makes it all worthwhile.

Yesterday Matthew wouldn't do any of his little "tricks" for me, just for Ian. I wanted to cry. But tonight? He went NUTS when he saw that I was home.

Jordan was wearing a lovely party dress all afternoon. She told me she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. I told her that was a very noble profession. Then she said "just joking...I'm going to work at McDonalds."

SO jealous of my American friends - their kids are wrapping up their school year this week and we still have a whole month to go.


Have you entered my giveaway to win a personalized snack cup for your little one? Check it out here! I forgot to mention this but not only do you get to pick the fabric and the font to be personalized, but you also have a choice of pink, blue, green or white lids. This giveaway ends tonight, so make sure you enter!


It's time for Mama M's Five Question Friday blog hop!

1. What were you scared of as a kid?

What WASN'T I afraid of as a kid? Fear has been such a part of my life as far back as I can remember.

I was often the target of bullies at school, and I lived with a daily fear that they would get me after school.

When my dad left us, I was afraid that I would lose my mom too, and then I'd be alone.

I feared failure like you wouldn't believe. I had to be the best or I wouldn't even try.

 2. Do you sleep well in a hotel?

Yes. I love everything about hotels, and I always sleep to sleep very heavily in hotel rooms.

 3. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who and why?

I can't think of anyone, really. I used to want to meet Clay Aiken but that's over now.

4. It's a hot summer day. Do you prefer to be pool side or at the beach?

Beach! I love digging my toes in the sand, listening to the waves hit the shore, seagulls making their seagully noises (I'm sure there's a proper name for that but I'm at a loss right now).

When you go to the pool what do you hear? Other people's kids crying/acting up, you're smack dab next to some stranger, and it's crowded and noisy. At the beach you can spread out and not be all up in some stranger's pocket.

5. What is your favorite summer dish?

Potato salad.

Specifically, my MOTHER'S potato salad. Best in the whole world.

I sure do hope my Mama is reading this right now... about my love her her potato salad...just sayin. Mom. Just sayin.

That's a wrap for today, peeps! Happy Friday!

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