Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gettin' Old

Wow getting old sucks.

I was out last evening at a ladies event at my church and afterwards a friend and I went to a nearby coffee shop to chat for a bit. We talked about everything under the sun and I was able to share with her a bit about the things I'm struggling with. I am a very private person and cover everything with a smile. She's the kind of friend who can hear what I'm not saying.

Do you have a friend like that? Such a gift.

Anyway, we talked and laughed and cried a bit right there at Tim Horton's, and every minute that passed I felt my heart growing a bit stronger. Then I checked the time on my phone and almost fell out of my chair: 1:15am!!


We wrapped it up and I headed home. I couldn't fall asleep so I chattered away telling Ian about my evening and do you know what my sweet husband did?


The nerve! Yes, it was after 2am by then but seriously people, this was riveting stuff.

Not really :-)

This morning I got up with Mattie so Ian could sleep in for a change.
It took me a full 15 minutes to figure out how to turn on the tv because it's hard. Technology is hard. Back in the day you pushed one button and voila! The tv turned on. Now you have to have a masters degree in science and technology to turn the ding dang thing on. Anyway, I did it, possibly with my 2 yr old's help. I'm not saying. It doesn't matter because I TURNED IT ON.

You'd think I discovered fire.

I also found the Canada/Sweden hockey game on an app on my ipad so I watched that because everyone on the planet was watching an peer pressure is a very powerful thing.

Between my late night out and an early morning with my little guy... I felt awful! Bones were creaking, I had a headache and felt barfy... I had two cups of tea before I began to feel somewhat normal.

Allll that to say... getting old sucks.



Sunday, February 16, 2014


This was THE BEST weekend I've had in a very long time.

Friday was Valentine's Day and Ian surprised me with flowers, chocolate and a huge card. Things at work seemed to flow well and I was able to accomplish a few tasks that had been piling up. Sam came home from his three day retreat with his school's media program and I picked him up from school and we brought a pizza home for dinner.

Ian leads our jr high youth group on Friday nights and the Littles and I used to hang out in the church nursery just to be close to him. It's been such a long time since we've done that, so I asked Ian if we could tag along and he said yes. Jordan likes to sit with the youth while Ian teaches and we all watch the gym games. We got home pretty late and put the Littles right to bed.

Saturday morning Sam slept in and Julie was visiting my mother,  so Ian and I took the Littles to a Christian bookstore that is going out of business. I was looking for a few small gifts for a blessing project I am working on. I found a mug with HOPE on it, which is my word for 2014. I found one with JOY on it for my sweet friend Louise as that is her word for this year. Ian and I both found a few books that were marked down so we got those.

We stopped at Michaels on our way home and found colouring books for $1 each. Ian had a 25% off coupon so we bought 7! I found some cute notecards and emery boards, and Ian bought some discounted valentines candy. 

Ian and I went to see a matinee of Robocop and then dinner at Montana's, followed by a trip to Target. Oh my gosh my love affair with Target will never end. We brought dinner home for the children and we all watched Cool Runnings together. Such a great movie.

This morning we all went to church and it felt so, so good to worship the Lord with my church family. Afterwards we visited with some friends, then came home for lunch and naps. Naps are my favourite. After naptime we took the children to see The Lego Movie. Oh my gosh it was cute.

Tomorrow is Family Day which is a stat holiday, however my company doesn't observe it so I'm back to work tomorrow. The office should be pretty quiet so hopefully I'll be able to make a dent in the piles on my desk.

As usual I've left my laundry until the last minute but I don't even care. I feel very happy and peaceful tonight. I've been running on an empty tank for the longest time and tonight I feel as though I've been rejuvenated and able to face the week ahead. I'm so thankful for this time with my sweet family.

Good night friends!


Sunday, February 09, 2014

Random Thoughts

Sunday night already.


I spent the weekend in bed trying to get over this cold I've had for about a thousand years now. I finished reading You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado and watched Love Actually and Red. Drank lots of tea and slept a lot.

Not sure I feel any better but it was nice to hide from the world for a little while.

I missed church again for the second week in a row. To be honest, I'm not sure I'm going back. There has been so much stuff that has gone on within our church in the last ten months and I'm tired of dealing with it. We have been so hurt by the church leadership and I think I'm done.
Ian wants to see it through and sees where things are improving, but for me... the damage is done. I love the Lord and will always want to work at getting closer and closer to Him.... I just feel put off by church.

Maybe some day I'll tell you what happened.

Maybe I won't.

We have had so much snow lately. Sam shovels the driveway for us every snowfall without complaint. The snowbanks are now taller than he is and he's not sure where he'll put the next batch. It was so bad one day last week that it took me almost two hours to get to the office.
I popped in my Frozen cd and it was a full on Broadway show in my car.

I'm itching to sew something but I'm not sure what. I haven't sewed in over a year and a half and I'm not even sure I know where my tote of fabric even is. My sewing machine is in my mother's basement. You know what else I haven't done in a year a half? Baked. I remember I used to try something new every week and share it here. My mint chocolate cake gets repinned a lot on Pinterest which makes me miss baking even more.

Julie invited me to her Girls Night In event at her school on Jan 31st. They had all the 7th and 8th grade girls attend workshops all afternoon: liturgy, boot camp, friendship bracelets, zumba, smoothies & smores and nails. At 5:30 the moms met their daughters in the gym for pizza and a keynote speaker. It was a really great evening and it was nice to meet some of Julie's friends. I hated my middle school years. HATED THEM. I was bullied every single day and was completely miserable. I'm glad she's enjoying this new school so much. Her report card was her best one ever.

I'm wearing the nicest cardigan right now. It's peach coloured and so soft. I bought it in the Fall and when I brought it home and pulled it out of the bag I had this what was I thinking moment and hung it up in my closet and proceeded to ignore it. But today I'm loving it.

My nail polish collection has grown. I'll have to show it to you. I think I have 40 something bottles now and I had to cut myself off because it was getting a bit out of hand. I just love the feel of freshly polished nails.
Julie's birthday gift to me this year was a manicure and pedicure. Sweet! She came with me and we talked and talked about everything under the sun. I think I may have been the guy's (yes, a dude did my pedi) first customer ever because I've never gotten such a detailed pedicure before. He got a little carried away and rubbed off about three layers of skin and I was sporting a rash for a few days. BUT... I have very pretty toes and no more prickly feet.

Sam is going on a school retreat with the media majors this week. Three days without him. My heart hurts already. He started telling me about some of the scheduled events but I had to make him stop before I decided not to let him go! (climbing a telephone pole and then jumping off into the snow!?!)

Enough rambly thoughts. Time for bed. Amazing how I slept a hundred hours this weekend yet I'm still so tired.

"Night y'all.