Monday, March 31, 2008

She's Here!

Jordan Theresa Faith joined our family on Saturday March 29th at 5:31 am, weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. She is so beautiful.

The hospital was to call us at 8am on Friday to tell us when to come in for the induction. We didn't hear anything until 9am when they called to tell us they were completely swamped and would call us back around noon, and to make sure I ate breakfast. (Aww) No one called at all so Ian called them at 2pm and was told they were still swamped and would call back in an hour. After spending the day reading, praying and relaxing, the kids came home at 4pm and were so disappointed to see us still at the house! Finally the hospital called at 4:30 asking us to start making our way in. We called my mom and once she arrived we headed off.

We checked in at L & D at 4:55 and were told there weren't any beds available, not even in triage, and had to wait. Ian was frustrated because after all, they just called us to come! We settled in and who walked in about 30 minutes later? Our pastor and friend, Ed. He visited with us for 45 min and then we all prayed together before he headed off. He was in the hospital visiting someone from the church and thought he'd stop in. I felt so calm after the prayer time.

I finally saw the doctor on call about 7pm and after an internal exam, he said he would be back shortly to let us know how we would proceed. He wanted to break my water but I wanted an epidural first. At 9pm we were told to start walking. Mom got settled in the lounge with a book and off Ian and I went, checking out various parts of the hospital. I felt occasional tightness in my belly but just thought it was Jordan stretching so we continued on. When we came back in an hour my mom was feeling my belly and asking me if I felt any contractions. Nope, just Jordan stretching. We were assigned a room just before midnight and I was put on a monitor and apparently I had been contracting after all! It wasn't Jordan stretching, I was contracting every 2 minutes. I ask you, how blonde did I have to be to not know I was in labour? Duh Kate!

I had an epidural put in place just after midnight and at 12:30 my water was broken and at 12:40 the pitocin was started. I was so sleepy after the epidural so I had a nap. Mom watched a movie on Ian's laptop and Ian watched something on his PSP. After awhile he dozed off so Mom and I talked quietly for a bit.

Around 5am I started feeling a lot of pressure and discomfort. I kept pressing the button on my epidural but it didn't feel as though it was doing anything at all. I kept begging my nurse Michelle to find "The Guy" (anesthesiologist) to help me. "Where's The Guy?" "Please go find The Guy!" "I NEED THE GUY!"

By this time the dr was checking me every other minute or so and I kept dialating until I was the full 10 cm and was good to start pushing. I don't know how many times I pushed or for how long but all of a sudden Michelle was asking me if I wanted her on my chest and then there she was in all her beauty.

I'll write more later...Jordan needs me :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008


Looks like today is the day. Jordan's Birth Day. I am a mess of emotion.

The hospital called this morning to let us know they haven't forgotten about us, they are really swamped in L & D this morning and they will call back around noon. They also wanted to make sure I was eating my breakfast. Awww.

I am on the verge of tears. I'm so excited but also scared too. I feel like barfing but I won't because my toast was pretty good.

I can't believe this day is here. I really, truly can't. It feels like only last week that I got my positive pregnancy test and now I am about to have her.

Julie is so scared for me. She was crying in the night for me, she said. She doesn't want me to be sick or in pain or bleed. We spent some time together this morning in prayer and I also slipped a note of encouragement into her lunch bag for today. Sam was going around the house singing this morning about how "Jordan's going to be born today!"

It's a strange feeling.... everything that is "normal" is about to change. The family Ian and I have nurtured is about to change. We will soon have a little tiny person to bring into the fold, someone who will have her own qualities and opinions and mind.... I just can't wait to meet her.

I am overwhelmed at how many phone calls, emails, facebook messages, you name it, I've received this past week. Each of them full of love, support, encouragement and prayer. I have a wonderful family and circle of friends. I am richly blessed.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Very Rough Night

Last night I had a wonderful bubble bath that really helped my back ache and cramps. I was in bed by 10 pm but woke up at 1am with more bachache, cramping, pressure and a little bit of nausea thrown in for fun. Ian brought me a cold washcloth and turned down the heat in the house but I still felt awful and went downstairs to watch some tv and see if it turned into anything.

Bless his heart, Ian came right down with me and we watched tv until I fell asleep around 3 or 4am. He was supposed to go in to work today but is off now until Tuesday so he can be around in case anything happens today.

It's weird - I didn't go into labour on my own with Sam and Julie but it feels like that is what is happening now. I can handle it, I just don't like the nausea part of it. As my dear friend Jenny V says "it's all in a day's work".

I am off to rest in bed for a bit. I have so much I need to do today and I just pray I have the strength to do it all.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Due Date!

Today is Jordan's due date! I woke up feeling so excited and emotional even though I didn't expect her to arrive today at all.

I went to my doctor's appointment this afternoon and my blood pressure readings were 154/100 and 160/100. He was not thrilled. Her heartbeat was good, I've lost 1 1/2 lbs (can I get a woot woot!) and the resident that saw me first estimated her to be 8-9 lbs (say what??).

My doctor sent me for bloodwork and told me to go home and "lay low" and he would have his office call the hospital to book my induction. I checked my messages before I got home and they had already called. I will be induced on Friday the 28th. I need to be ready to go by 8am and someone from the hospital will call with the time to come in.

I am a mess of emotion - nervous, anxious, scared.... but excited and peaceful and teary. I have waited so long for her and she will be in my arms this weekend.

Ian and I finished up Julie's birthday shopping today and after all that walking I am feeling a lot of pressure and back ache. I'm really looking forward to the bubble bath that Ian runs for me every night and then a good night's rest. Tomorrow I have housework to do to get things ready for my aunt who will be watching my children while I deliver.

We gave Julie some of her birthday gifts tonight and took her to Swiss Chalet (her favourite restaraunt) for dinner even though her birthday isn't until tomorrow. We'll give her the rest of her gifts and have my mom and aunt over for cake tomorrow evening to celebrate the actual day. We've stretched her birthday out quite a bit this year so she wouldn't be lost in the excitement of her new sister's arrival. She is so happy that she will be able to keep her own birthday!

Well I am off to fold some laundry and get ready for bed.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Still waiting on my little princess Jordan. I talk to her all the time telling her to "come out, come out, wherever you are!" but she just isn't ready. I'm not feeling anything at all other than lazy and tired. Today all I did was lay around on the couch reading a book.

Good Friday was really nice. Ian wrote and acted in a drama presentation for our church that had a really great impact. After that we went out to lunch with some old and new friends which was nice. Then I had a three hour nap in the afternoon. (blush)

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and did some grocery shopping. I had hoped that with all that walking something would have started but no...

Sunday was the Easter Sunday service which was really nice. I heard a lot of "how much longer?" "you aren't supposed to be here" and "haven't you had that baby yet". And got lots of belly rubs. I've given up on that now LOL. I can't stop people from doing it and it's almost over now. Instead of getting frustrated I just appreciate that so many people are happy for us. We then went to my mom's for Easter dinner. YUM.

Today Ian had to go back to work and I said ~ in what I suspect might have been a bit whiny ~ "do you really have to go to work today?" Poor guy. Shortly after he left I was getting the children's breakfast and heard him come in. He'd decided to work from home. Yay! It was nice having him around. He even took the children to the mall this afternoon so I could have some peace and quiet.

Not much else is new. I'm putting away Jordan's clothes and finishing packing my bag. It's weird... waiting like this. I see my doctor on Wednesday so maybe he'll get something started.

Come on Jordan!

13 Things For No Reason

1. Name 3 things you like the smell of.
An apple pie in the oven, rain, flowers

2. Name 3 things you like the feel of.
Ian's hand holding mine, my fuzzy slipper socks, a hot washcloth on my face

3. Name 3 things you do every day, that you hate to do.
Wash my hair (ok this is every other day but still I hate it), get up before I'm ready, clean something

4. Name 3 things you need from the store.
I can't think of anything

5. Name 3 things your dh/so likes to do more than you do.
Play video games, shop and watch comedy shows

6. Name 3 things your dh/so likes to eat more than you do.
Wings, ribs and cotton candy

7. Name 3 things you like to do more than your dh/so does.
Sleep, walk and watch reality tv

8. Name 3 things you like to eat more than your dh/so does.
Pasta, apple pie and garlic bread

9. Name 3 things you like that are green.
Freshly cut grass, broccoli and lettuce

10. Name 3 things you like that are white.
Mashed potatoes, snow and milk

11. Name 3 things you don't have, that you think most people do have.
Two cars, clean homes and updated laundry put in their proper drawers

12. Name 3 ways you've gotten better over the past 10 years.
More reserved, more accepting and more forgiving

13. Name 3 ways you're "worse for the wear" of the past 10 years.
Heavier, more wrinkles and I sleep like a senior citizen

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7 Days To Go

I saw my doctor this morning for my weekly appointment. My blood pressure was higher than last week which he said was good because then he will have grounds for an induction should we choose that route. He said we'd talk about it at next week's appointment.

I've gained 1/2 a lb (sigh...moo) and my measurements haven't changed from last week so he thinks Jordan may be moving down a bit and is guestimating she will be around the 7 lb mark. Her heart rate continues to be at 150. All is well.

I saw two newborns at the doctor's office today and it made me all excited! She's coming! She's coming!

This afternoon I bought some toiletries for my hospital stay and will finish my bag tonight. I have so much laundry to put away for Jordan it isn't even funny! I don't know where I will put it all.

Last night Ian had to take our cat Max to the vet because he's been crying a lot lately, throwing up and dragging/licking his butt. Turns out he has a blockage in his urethra. They had to give him a shot to chill him out so they could drain everything and then flush water around his bladder. Ian said he was completely stoned. He is coming home tonight so we're all looking forward to his return. Poor little fellow.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So Tired

Today I feel so crusty and I can't wait to go to bed. I feel completely overwhelmed with crap that is going on right now. I want to stick my head in the sand but that's part of what contributed to some of the crap going on. So frustrating. I've cried so much these last few days. Lame.

On a positive note, I went and got my hair done today. She did my roots and then perked up the overall colour and cut it. I feel so pretty now. I've felt so ugly for the longest time and now I feel better when I look in the mirror. It was a huge expense that really I shouldn't have spent but I'm just needed to feel better.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel like myself again. Tonight I just feel like an overwhelmed, emotional, ticked off mess.

Monday, March 17, 2008

9 Days To Go!

I can't believe the end is nearing. Soon I will be a mom to three children. I will have my own "herd" as I told my friend Jen yesterday.

I'm not feeling much physically except what is to be expected at 9 months. Lower back discomfort, some achiness in my legs, all over achiness actually and fatigue. Nothing terrible though - I've had a very easy time so far. I've had a few bouts of energy lately so I'm trying to maximize that. I need to get my housework done and then I can relax, wait and enjoy. Tonight I actually made dinner and we ate at the table like normal people. I even baked cookies!

Today I washed three loads of baby clothes. I'd forgotten how wonderful baby clothes freshly washed in Ivory Snow smell. I'd sniff then fold...sniff then fold.... Everything I want to take to the hospital has been washed and folded and I just need Ian to reach my suitcase for me so I can pack everything.

Jordan will wear the same gown home from the hospital that Julie did. It's a flannel gown with smocking on the front with pink ribbons. My grandmother made three for each granddaughter years and years ago, for their babies to wear home from the hospital. Sam wore his and so did Julie. I love that there is a piece of my grandmother with us on such special days. (I'm also packing Sam's blue gown just in case Jordan is a he and the technician was wrong!)

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and frankly I can't wait. I have felt so ugly the entire pregnancy and I want to look good not just for myself, but for Ian as well. My regular stylist is on mat leave but the lady I am seeing tomorrow comes highly recommended. I hope she is ok! I am a freak about my hair.

That's about all for now. I am getting ready to go to bed. Missed my nap today! ;-)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last night I hardly slept at all and when I finally did fall asleep just after 5:30 I had all sorts of bad dreams.

I did all my dishes and put them away, wiped down the crib and change table completely, re-made the crib, put away all of my lovely shower gifts, made a pile of baby stuff to wash and put some other laundry away. I would have cleaned my bathroom but as it was I already woke Ian up.

At 3am after giving up on any semblance of good tv, I went upstairs to continue puttering. Who did I pass in the hallway? My dear hamster friend Sunny. Honestly... she attempts a prison break once a week! She was coming down the hall from my room, undoubtedly disappointed that she couldn't scare me since I wasn't there. I tried to catch her but she kept jumping out of my hands. Finally I had to wake Ian to come and catch her for me. Ugh.

Jules came in at 4am having awoken from a bad dream so I let her sleep with me. What a mistake! She punched me three times in her sleep!

My back was hurting so much that by 5am I couldn't take it anymore so I ran a warm bath and sat with the jacuzzi jets on for a half hour. It helped but I am still so sore today. I think I overdid it last night.

Today Ian and the kids are at the church setting up lights and the jail cell for this Friday's drama piece. The house is so quiet. I have a lot of things to do but maybe I will just lie down and enjoy the quiet.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's up! It's up!

The crib that is! And the change table!

Ian surprised me by even making up the crib with the beautiful new bedding that my mother bought for us and it looks sooo pretty.

All we need is a baby!

So Excited!!!

Today Ian is assembling Jordan's crib and change table! I can't believe her arrival is just around the corner!

Today I'm going to wash her clothes and pack my bag. I had some lower back pain and cramping last night so maybe things are slowly starting up and I need to be ready. I am such a last-minute-girl it's unbelievable.

I kept all my shower gifts out so I could look at them all week and today I will find homes for everything. I keep taking out tiny baby onsies and laying them across my stomach trying to imagine a little person inside there. Unbelievable. Isn't it completely crazy that you can actually GROW another whole human being???

I am getting ready to go and do some grocery shopping. Ian and the kids were in dire straits trying to come up with something for breakfast this morning. Ha.

Ian is taking off Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week to help get the last minute things/house ready for Jordan. It's going to be a busy week for him between rehearsals for Good Friday, painting and getting the set put together, stuff I need him to do, stuff he's doing for my mom... the guy never gets a rest.

It's a gorgeous day - I hope it's not deceiving me and I'm going to freeze the second I get outside!

Today feels like a very good day....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My First Circus

Ian scored tickets to see the Garden Brothers Circus last night. I'd never been to one before and I think I was more excited than the kids were. We headed over a bit early and pretty much got front row seats. Ian took the kids around to see the elephants and other things that were going on before the show started. And what a show it was! Tightrope walkers, acrobatics, trained ponies and pink/blue poodles that danced... a magic act where the woman kept changing her dress in a split second (Sam and I could NOT figure out how that was happening!), dancing elephants and this big steel ball with four (yes four!) motorcycles racing around inside. It was amazing to see. My mouth hung open for most of the show. LOL.

We got home just after 10:00 and Jules had fallen asleep in the van. The kids let me sleep in this morning and while I was getting their breakfast I could hear their little voices talking about their favourite part from last night.

Today I have specific things I need to accomplish. I am going to make a list and see if that keeps me on track. I have a bit of energy today so I want to make the best use of it.

13 days to go... I could go at any time....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Very Busy Day :-)

What a great day!

Our day started off with a visit to my friend Jen's house. She is married to the Associate Pastor at our church and I'm hoping that our friendship develops. Sam and Jules played with her children while we talked, and talked we did! She is such a kind and godly woman and really inspires me to be better. We discussed what it was like to have husbands involved in ministry and away from home and gave me tips as to how to deal with Ian's involvement with the Junior High ministry this fall. Our visit passed too quickly because we then had to head off to...

... the doctor! Great appointment, except I've gained another 2 lbs (moo). The reflux is completely normal and he said I could take Gaviscon if I wanted. I am currently dealing with it by drinking a lot of gingerale. My blood pressure was the best he's ever seen it and teased me saying that obviously pregnancy agrees with me and I should just carry Jordan for another 9 months and make it an even 18 months! WhatEVER Dr L! He said I've done really well this pregnancy. I have to laugh because that made me feel proud and let's face it, I haven't done anything but let this creature grow in me! LOL. He acknowledged my lack of complaining. WOOT! I've really wanted to handle this pregnancy with strength and grace and gratefulness, not complaints. (I save the odd complaint for my mom, Ian and Jen G!) Jordan's heartbeat was around 150 which is normal, my cervix hasn't thinned at all and I'm only about a fingertip dialated. He assured me that she wasn't going to fall out on the sidewalk. He's a very funny guy. :-)

After that the children and I went to Burger King for lunch. (What's that? Wonder where those 2 lbs came from...??) It was so nice talking to them about their thoughts and ideas and how excited they are to meet their baby sister. It doesn't matter how many fries they have in front of them they will steal mine if I look away. Julie made me laugh particularly hard because I've always told them not to chew their ice because it's hard on their teeth and she asked me why I've been doing it so much lately and they can't. And yes... after trying to make her understand... I said "the phrase".... do as I say, not as I do. LOL. There was a man sitting across from us who laughed during the entire conversation.

From there we went to pick up Ian and headed to Square One to go to Build A Bear. The kids wanted to make a bear for Jordan since I had made one for Sam when he was a baby and it's one of his favourites. I was so teary watching them pick out a bear body together and they chose Braham's Lullaby for the sound in the bear's paw. They each got to stuff half of the bear and each warmed up, kissed and wished on a heart to be put inside. I love that there are two hearts in it. Turns out they picked the only washable bear with non-removable eyes, and is allergy/asthma proof! Way to go guys!

Then we headed to Wal-Mart and I chose a diaper bag and we bought a combination car seat/stroller. It's pink and grey! I love it. There is a base that stays in the van and then the car seat clips to the stroller. Very cool.

Ian surprised us with the offer to go to the circus tomorrow night so we stopped on our way home to pick up tickets. I can't wait - I've never been to a circus and neither have the kids. VERY exciting.

When we got home I went upstairs to stretch out and ended up falling asleep for over 2 1/2 hours! Wow! Now I'm off to watch American Idol!

An absolutely great day....

Monday, March 10, 2008

What A Great Weekend

Saturday was Julie's birthday party. She had four friends over which was a perfect number and she was thrilled. The phone rang all day (or so it seemed!) with little girls calling for their "best friend Julie". Ian arranged everything from the craft time, to the movie, to the magic show. All I had to do was take care of the snacks, pizza, cake and clean up. It was a pj party and ran from 4-8pm, with four little girls going home hopped up on sugary cake LOL. Julie was very pleased.

Sunday was wonderful. My dear friend Jen threw me a baby shower! She hosted a bunch of my girlfriends who she didn't even know! The food was excellent and my gifts were perfect and lovely. She even had a couple of games with great prizes and Julie got to take part in that as well and won a prize. (thanks again for that, Jen!) She had never been to a shower before and quietly asked me if we were going to get wet! It was a wonderful time spent with good friends and I loved every minute of it. I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends. Jen has been so supportive of me throughout the last year and always checks on me daily to see how I'm feeling. (Sometimes I think she is more excited for the birth of this baby than I am!)

Onec home, I showed everything to Ian then crashed for a three hour nap - all the excitement wore me out I guess!

I have just about everything I could possibly need for Jordan now with the exception of her mattress and a car seat which we'll take care of this week. I see my dr again tomorrow morning for my regular weekly check up.

I am thinking about taking the kids to Build A Bear to make a bear for Jordan. I will ask if they can each wish on a heart to be sewn inside. I think it would be special for Jordan to know that her big brother and big sister made something for her with love.

Only 16 more days to go....

Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Stuff

Well, today was the first day of the kids' spring break. We had a lazy morning then headed over to my mom's for the afternoon where the kids played out in her backyard for almost an hour and a half! Poor Julie's fingers were beet red they were so cold.

Once we came home they helped me straighten up a bit. Still lots of work to do and cleaning to be done for Julie's party tomorrow afternoon. I really hope things go ok. She is such a sweet girl and I want her to have a good time. Ian ordered her cake today and picked up all her decorations and loot bag stuff on his way home from work.

Fridays are our family movie/date nights and tonight we watched Evan Almighty together. I love that movie. Once it was over Ian led us in our bedtime prayers and Julie said the most beautiful prayers for baby Jordan, asking Him to keep her safe and healthy, and for me to not feel pain when she is born. She talked of her love for her baby sister and how she can't wait for her to come. She also prayed for her friends, especially the one who can't come to the party tomorrow because she has a fever. Her heart is so sweet and pure.

I am feeling pretty good today. Jordan has been more active today then she has been all week. I feel sad when she squirms around. We're definitely competing for space right now. I finished the last baby blanket this afternoon so that's done. I like that I made something for her. And tonight our friend came by with a huge bag of baby clothes. He and his wife have four lovely children and this is the second bag of clothes they have passed on to us. I haven't seen what is in this bag yet, but the first one had all sorts of little outfits...capris too! Size 0-3 months. And a little one piece bathing suit size 0-3 months! Too cute. Their generosity has been overwhelming.

Only 19 days to go.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yay Me!

Today I sewed three baby blankets and did five loads of laundry!

My mom rocks.... she did three loads for me the other day and let me bring more today. I could probably bring more tomorrow and she'd be cool with that. She even sewed Julie's pants and a strap on one of my nightgowns.

Lots of great conversation and laughter today. I missed my nap to finish sewing but that's ok. I feel good having accomplished something today!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Best Kids Ever

Today the kids helped me to finish clearing out a spot for the crib. They did all sorts of bending for me, Julie put clothes away and Sam dragged the vacuum upstairs for me so I could run it over the carpet. Ian is good to go with the crib anytime.

Our Angel Care monitor arrived yesterday. What peace of mind that thing gives us. It is a pad that goes underneath the baby's mattress and if it doesn't detect movement (ie; breathing) in 20 seconds an alarm will sound. We had one with Sam and Julie and it just helped us relax in a huge way.

Today the school buses were cancelled so I kept the kids home with me. The last time the school board cancelled the buses but kept the schools open all the kids did all day was watch The Wizard Of Oz. Honestly! I figured they would be fine to be at home. I will need to put together a schedule for the March Break next week so they don't get bored hanging out at the house all day long.

Tonight I had dinner with my girlfriends. It felt so good to be with them again after missing them so much. We had so much to catch up on and lots to pray for each other about. They are lifting me up in prayer for these final weeks before Jordan arrives, as well as other issues that are weighing on my heart. I can't express how much that means to me to know that they are praying for me. Prayer changes things!

Tomorrow I am back at mom's, hopefully to finish sewing my baby blankets and to get some laundry done.

That is all.

Frustrated Today

I have so much to do and I am not feeling well. My reflux is at it's worst, I feel tired and sore and bulky. But that still doesn't change all the things I have to do today.

I guess I'll start with a small task and work from there.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

22 Days To Go

Yep... still counting down. It isn't that I feel like "oh get this baby OUT", it's not that at all. It's just that I'm getting anxious about the labour and delivery now. I just want it over with because I'm spending too much time worrying about it. It will be what it will be - I cannot control everything.

I spend almost every day with my mother and I am loving this time we have together. We take the children to school in the morning, pick up breakfast and then go back to her house to eat and talk all morning. She always makes a wonderful lunch for us and then sends me up to my childhood bedroom for a nap. Then we pick up the kids from school and we are home by 4pm. We talk about everything under the sun and never run out of topics. Such precious time together.

Yesterday her cleaning ladies came so we had to leave the house so they could work. Where did we end up? The casino! What fun. I didn't gamble but it was a lot of fun to watch her. We stopped at Tim's for lunch and I won a free coffee!

Today I had my weekly dr's appointment. Up 1/2 a lb (moo) and everything is normal and on track. Jordan's heartbeat was perfect and my blood pressure was the higher end of normal. I go back again next Tuesday.

Mom and I visited with my aunt for a short while after my appointment, went home for lunch and I had the most wonderful nap afterwards.

Tonight Ian and Sam are going over to the church to paint a prop for this Easter's drama and Julie and I will do some much needed grocery shopping. Tomorrow night I'm going to be joining my girlfriends for dinner at one lady's home so I'm looking forward to that. It's always a fun time together.

The Angel Care Monitor Ian ordered for Jordan's crib arrived today and we'll buy the car seat this week. Can't believe how close it is now!

Julie's birthday party is scheduled for this Saturday and one of her friends can't make it. I felt so sad but another little girl called tonight to say she could come so that makes me feel better. Even though her birthday isn't until the 27th I was worried that she might be overlooked accidentally amidst Jordan's arrival, so we are having her party extra early this month to avoid that possibility.

That is all.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

In The Home Stretch!

My daughter is due this month.

In 25 days (or thereabouts) I will have THREE children. One son and two daughters.


I can't get my head around it! I'm so excited!!

My mom called to tell me that my aunt will arrive on the 21st or 22nd and stay until the 31st, ready to watch the children when I go into labour. Ian and I are working on a back up plan as to who will take them should I go before then. So many people have offered and we are so grateful, but we are looking for someone who the children already know and are comfortable with. We tossed out a few names then got off topic.

Wow... how has this month arrived so quickly? Wasn't it just the other day when I tested positive? I have ached for this child for so long and I've been excited the entire pregnancy to meet her and here we almost are...

My prayer is that she comes through the delivery ok, and that she is a healthy and strong little one.