Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Stuff

Well, today was the first day of the kids' spring break. We had a lazy morning then headed over to my mom's for the afternoon where the kids played out in her backyard for almost an hour and a half! Poor Julie's fingers were beet red they were so cold.

Once we came home they helped me straighten up a bit. Still lots of work to do and cleaning to be done for Julie's party tomorrow afternoon. I really hope things go ok. She is such a sweet girl and I want her to have a good time. Ian ordered her cake today and picked up all her decorations and loot bag stuff on his way home from work.

Fridays are our family movie/date nights and tonight we watched Evan Almighty together. I love that movie. Once it was over Ian led us in our bedtime prayers and Julie said the most beautiful prayers for baby Jordan, asking Him to keep her safe and healthy, and for me to not feel pain when she is born. She talked of her love for her baby sister and how she can't wait for her to come. She also prayed for her friends, especially the one who can't come to the party tomorrow because she has a fever. Her heart is so sweet and pure.

I am feeling pretty good today. Jordan has been more active today then she has been all week. I feel sad when she squirms around. We're definitely competing for space right now. I finished the last baby blanket this afternoon so that's done. I like that I made something for her. And tonight our friend came by with a huge bag of baby clothes. He and his wife have four lovely children and this is the second bag of clothes they have passed on to us. I haven't seen what is in this bag yet, but the first one had all sorts of little outfits...capris too! Size 0-3 months. And a little one piece bathing suit size 0-3 months! Too cute. Their generosity has been overwhelming.

Only 19 days to go.

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  1. Julie is one awesome daughter and is going to be an awesome big sister!

    You have a very blessed family!