Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Very Busy Day :-)

What a great day!

Our day started off with a visit to my friend Jen's house. She is married to the Associate Pastor at our church and I'm hoping that our friendship develops. Sam and Jules played with her children while we talked, and talked we did! She is such a kind and godly woman and really inspires me to be better. We discussed what it was like to have husbands involved in ministry and away from home and gave me tips as to how to deal with Ian's involvement with the Junior High ministry this fall. Our visit passed too quickly because we then had to head off to...

... the doctor! Great appointment, except I've gained another 2 lbs (moo). The reflux is completely normal and he said I could take Gaviscon if I wanted. I am currently dealing with it by drinking a lot of gingerale. My blood pressure was the best he's ever seen it and teased me saying that obviously pregnancy agrees with me and I should just carry Jordan for another 9 months and make it an even 18 months! WhatEVER Dr L! He said I've done really well this pregnancy. I have to laugh because that made me feel proud and let's face it, I haven't done anything but let this creature grow in me! LOL. He acknowledged my lack of complaining. WOOT! I've really wanted to handle this pregnancy with strength and grace and gratefulness, not complaints. (I save the odd complaint for my mom, Ian and Jen G!) Jordan's heartbeat was around 150 which is normal, my cervix hasn't thinned at all and I'm only about a fingertip dialated. He assured me that she wasn't going to fall out on the sidewalk. He's a very funny guy. :-)

After that the children and I went to Burger King for lunch. (What's that? Wonder where those 2 lbs came from...??) It was so nice talking to them about their thoughts and ideas and how excited they are to meet their baby sister. It doesn't matter how many fries they have in front of them they will steal mine if I look away. Julie made me laugh particularly hard because I've always told them not to chew their ice because it's hard on their teeth and she asked me why I've been doing it so much lately and they can't. And yes... after trying to make her understand... I said "the phrase".... do as I say, not as I do. LOL. There was a man sitting across from us who laughed during the entire conversation.

From there we went to pick up Ian and headed to Square One to go to Build A Bear. The kids wanted to make a bear for Jordan since I had made one for Sam when he was a baby and it's one of his favourites. I was so teary watching them pick out a bear body together and they chose Braham's Lullaby for the sound in the bear's paw. They each got to stuff half of the bear and each warmed up, kissed and wished on a heart to be put inside. I love that there are two hearts in it. Turns out they picked the only washable bear with non-removable eyes, and is allergy/asthma proof! Way to go guys!

Then we headed to Wal-Mart and I chose a diaper bag and we bought a combination car seat/stroller. It's pink and grey! I love it. There is a base that stays in the van and then the car seat clips to the stroller. Very cool.

Ian surprised us with the offer to go to the circus tomorrow night so we stopped on our way home to pick up tickets. I can't wait - I've never been to a circus and neither have the kids. VERY exciting.

When we got home I went upstairs to stretch out and ended up falling asleep for over 2 1/2 hours! Wow! Now I'm off to watch American Idol!

An absolutely great day....

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  1. What a totally awesome day! :)

    You can complain to me ANYTIME!