Saturday, March 01, 2008

In The Home Stretch!

My daughter is due this month.

In 25 days (or thereabouts) I will have THREE children. One son and two daughters.


I can't get my head around it! I'm so excited!!

My mom called to tell me that my aunt will arrive on the 21st or 22nd and stay until the 31st, ready to watch the children when I go into labour. Ian and I are working on a back up plan as to who will take them should I go before then. So many people have offered and we are so grateful, but we are looking for someone who the children already know and are comfortable with. We tossed out a few names then got off topic.

Wow... how has this month arrived so quickly? Wasn't it just the other day when I tested positive? I have ached for this child for so long and I've been excited the entire pregnancy to meet her and here we almost are...

My prayer is that she comes through the delivery ok, and that she is a healthy and strong little one.

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  1. I'm right there with you! I am so excited for you! Jordan is going to be beautiful!