Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black Eyed P...

As in Black Eyed Perez...

Would it be wrong to admit that I am still laughing that Perez Hilton was punched in the eye?

Because I am.

And it all went down just 40 minutes from my humble home.

Here he is... all battered and bruised.

Boom Boom Pow!

Ha ha ha...look!

Ok, that concludes my streak of meanness.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Girls

Just a few quick pictures for today. I don't really feel up to blogging tonight. I'm in kind of a funny mood. Not funny ha-ha, just kind of "off".

I took this picture of Julie last night on our walk along the ravine with Jordan...

This is the smile I get whenever Jordan sees me. She is such a happy little girl...

This girl loves to walk! I love her curly hair...

No new pics of Sam lately. He isn't into having his picture taken these days. I'll keep trying :-)


Sunday, June 21, 2009


This past week passed by in a complete blur. I can’t believe its Sunday night already.

I was expecting to finish up my temporary placement on Friday, but it has been extended again for another week, maybe two. They have hired and trained someone in Kingston and she is ready to take over. I feel sad about that and I don’t know why. I resisted going back to work – even temporarily – but over the last nine weeks I feel as though the position became mine. Year End is this week, so I will tie up as many loose ends as I can. I think I will be helping out in other areas but I don’t know for how long. Each day I work is a blessing.

Friday night rolled around with super speed. Usually it’s Family Night, but I decided that I was going to give Ian the weekend off as part of his Father’s Day celebrations. I bought a big button for him to wear that said “Off Duty”. Strangely enough, he didn’t wear it...

So not cool, Ian.

He ended up heading out for a bit on his own, which left Sam, Julie, Jordan and Yours Truly. Then Julie was invited to go out with her friend to a nearby park.

So it was Sam, Jordan and Yours Truly. Then Sam was invited to go to his friend’s house to play video games.

Then it was just Jordan and - you guessed it! - Yours Truly. Rather than stay home, Jordan and I walked over to Chapters and browsed around for a bit, then over to Second Cup where I treated myself to a Strawberry Smoothie.

Friends… I love me a Strawberry Smoothie like nobody’s business.

We headed home and picked up Sam along the way, then went to McDonald’s as Sam hadn’t eaten yet. We came home and I played with Jordan out front for a bit then came in for the night. Miss Julie rolled in around 9:30 and I put all the children to bed.

I attempted to watch a movie with Ian but I fell asleep after the opening scene.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early and headed out for an appointment at 9am. I managed to squeeze in a visit with my mother in the early afternoon then came home to get everyone ready to go out for dinner at our friends’ house. It truly was a great evening with lots of laughter, storytelling and great food.

Came home and didn’t even try to watch a movie. We were exhausted.

I had planned to serve Ian his breakfast in bed this morning in honour of Father’s Day (and let’s face it, because I’m an awesome wife) but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Sam woke me up and I headed downstairs to get breakfast started. He went to Magic’s cage to check on her as he always does first thing in the morning.

Sadly, Magic had passed away some time during the night. Sam was crushed.

I went to tell Ian and he came down to remove Magic from her cage while I held Sam as he cried. Julie came downstairs to see what the commotion was and we had to tell her what had happened. She just lay against me, with big, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn’t make any noise, just silently cried.

Ugh! This is why I hate little pets! They die and make everyone sad.

I didn’t even want that darn bird, if you recall.

But my heart broke for my children.

Would it be wrong if I admitted that while I held my children I was trying to remember when we bought the bird and if we still had our receipt? (You can return them within a certain time frame if they should die) Because if it would be wrong to admit that, then you can feel free to pretend like I didn’t say anything about it at all.

After church we headed back to the pet store to buy a new bird.

Don’t even say anything about the new bird, people. We’ve already covered the fact that I am the biggest pushover ever.

So now we are the owners of a new bird named Summer. I voted to name him “Jinx” because I would get a kick out of saying “Hi Jinx!”.

Get it?

Oh I am nothing if not witty.

This afternoon I was planning on getting a head start on some housework so that Ian could relax a bit tomorrow, bake a cake for dessert, do some laundry and make a lovely dinner to honour my husband.

Then my sister called. My mother was very sick and a doctor was coming to the house to see her and did we have any Gravol?


I dropped everything and rushed out. I went to four stores until I found some then rushed over to my mother’s. She said she had been incredibly dizzy and nauseated all last evening and today and couldn’t walk or keep anything down. I stayed with her for a couple of hours until she said she started to feel better. I got her all settled and headed home.

I felt so torn. Do I stay with my sick mother or go home and celebrate Father’s Day? She was telling me to go home. Ian was telling me to stay.


I decided to go home for dinner and return if necessary. Julie set the table for me and did a beautiful job. She is only 8, but she knows all the niceties that go with setting a lovely table. She amazes me. I served roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, salad and breadsticks.

Oh yes, I cook. ;-)

I didn’t get to bake the cake as planned so I threw some brownies in the oven and we had those with ice cream for dessert.

My sister called during dinner to say the doctor had been there and then proceeded to give me incorrect information. Thankfully, my mother called shortly afterwards and gave me the proper story. She has a virus and it’s already showing signs of leaving her system. My sister is staying over night in case she has a turn for the worse, and then my aunt will arrive on Tuesday for the summer, as planned.

So it’s 10:30 pm on Sunday and I just don’t know where Tues, Wednesday, Thursday, etc went.

I loved being with the children all weekend, doing things for them, fixing them lunch, making their dinner, tucking them into bed at night. I miss that so much more than I could ever, ever express here. I want to be back at home again, taking care of my family like before. God knows my heart longs for this and I trust that He has a plan for me. In the meantime, I am grateful for this job and the fun it brings.

That’s it for me. I am O-U-T.


Monday, June 15, 2009

My Wish List

You know what gets me? People who win the lottery and have no idea what they'll do with the money. When they are asked what they'll do with the money they inevitably say "I have no idea!!"


Friends, I have an idea. Several in fact. Sometimes when I can't fall asleep I will visit my wish list. It goes a little something like this..

I would...

...fill a struggling family's fridge... off the mortgage on my church...

...take my family and friends to Montego Bay Jamaica... all new pillows...

...take Ballroom dancing lessons with Ian...

...spoil myself with a Coach bag...

..a girl needs chocolate...

...I'd have more babies! (Did y'all hear Ian hit the floor?)

...we'll need a bigger house with all those babies...

..and a new ride for Mom...

..and to round out our family...

Isn't it fun to dream?

What's on your wish list?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Weekend Over

Another weekend down.

Why oh why do they have to pass so quickly?

Yesterday began with dramatic flair. Jordan was walking around our main level while I was filling her sippy cups in the kitchen. We had the stairs blocked off with a baby gate but She-ra Jordan just plowed right into it and fell down the entire flight of stairs.

13 steps, I believe.

Pass me the Worst Mother of the Year Award, if you please.

Ian was down those stairs faster than you can imagine. As soon as I realized she was falling I bolted from the kitchen and ran down the steps. Poor little lamb. She was scared more than anything. I held her while Ian put ice on the goose egg that was coming up on her forehead. Today she is no worse for the wear.

Honestly. There is always something going on in my house.

After that drama, Ian and I headed off to the magic shop with the children so that Ian could pick up some supplies for a booking he had this afternoon.

Did I ever tell you that Ian is a professional magician? Well he is and he's brilliant.

I enjoy going to the magic shop and the owner is always so friendly and quick to show me a new trick or two. The children love it too. Afterwards, I took Sam and Jules to see "Up" at the theatre. Sam was happy that I was taking them because he said we haven't been spending much time together since I went back to work.


It was nice to focus on the older children without being distracted by Jordan's needs or overall adorableness. It was a cute movie. Well, at least the parts I saw were cute. I fell asleep during it. In my defense it was dark in there...and the seats kind of reclined back a little...and I was tired (as usual) and...and...well it was a long movie.

In the evening Jordan and I walked outside together. She looked so cute in her new sundress and running shoes. She's Miss Independent and doesn't want any help while she walks. She's hardly eating anything these days. I don't know how she's surviving. She'll eat applesauce and yogurt but that's about all.

Today we skipped church and hung around the house. Jen stopped by to pick something up and we sat on my front porch talking for a bit. I haven't been getting together with her for over a month now. I miss her. Afterwards, Ian dropped us off at my mom's to visit while he headed off to do his show. It was a good visit, but as usual it went by too quickly. I miss her so much.

So here it is, Sunday night already. I feel so restless and I can't pinpoint why. I am struggling with my own wants, yet trying to be patient and trusting the Lord. I'm so human and I want what I want, when I want it.


Aren't we all a little like that?

Ahh well. Things are as they are.

Better get to bed. 6 am comes pretty fast.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just A Few Things

Jordan has croup again, poor little miss. She feels so lousy and has been so fussy. Nothing is making her feel better. The last two nights have been brutal for Ian and he's feeling pretty run down. Good thing its almost the weekend so I can pitch in more and he can catch up on his rest.

Sam came home sick from school this morning. He said he laid down at 11am and the next thing he knew it was 1pm. Ian and I spent some time helping him plan his upcoming birthday party. I think he's decided to have a pool party.

Julie has certainly given new meaning to the term "Drama Queen" this week. She is "in love" with a boy in her class and didn't appreciate us telling her she wasn't allowed to have boyfriends. It's a great story and one I will save for a time when I have more energy to share it.

I saw my doctor this week to discuss my constant fatigue. He sent me for blood work but I haven't heard anything, so no news is good news. Apparently I have to just endure it.


I'd get a second opinion but I'm too tired.

Work continues to be incredibly busy. I still don't know how long I'm there for but that's ok. It's year end this month, so I'm sure I'll be let go after that. I feel good about what I've accomplished there, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to being at home again.

Last week I reconnected with a woman I was very good friends with back in my teens. She's married with two adorable little boys and we've been having a fun time getting reacquainted with each other. I'm hoping to get together with her sometime soon.

Today I had an M&M Frosty at work. Oh how I've missed those Frostys... It was so good.

I felt rather cheeky this evening as I did my grocery shopping at Fortinos with my recyclable A&P bags prominently displayed in my shopping cart.


And my ice cream was melting so I put it back and took a new one 'cuz that's how I roll.

That's it for me. Over and out.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Untitled For Lack Of Creativity

Lately it seems as though I've lost the blogging bug. I don't have anything earth shatteringly important to share these days, but I guess "no news is good news", right?

Yesterday Ian and I attended a memorial for a dear man from our church that passed away. He was 92 years old and lived such a life of deep faith and love for Jesus, that we can't be sad that he is gone - he is in the presence of the Lord! It was a lovely time of worship, prayer, and funny stories.

Gary came over in the late afternoon and he and Ian worked on our front yard and it looks so much better. Our children helped out and before they knew it the neighbourhood children were pitching in to help. Sweet.

Today was our church picnic and it was a lovely time. Everyone brought a salad or dessert and we had a wonderful time of fellowship while the children played and some caught frogs. (FYI frogs are really ugly when they are up close and personal) My children were absolutely filthy.

I enjoyed catching up with my dear friend Marie who I met at Coffee Hour. I knew I was missing her, but I didn't realize how much until I saw her. She is so kind, gentle and funny.

Tomorrow I have a credit meeting at 9am. I hate those meetings and I actually get quite stressed out by them. Hopefully this one will be short and sweet. I have been there 7 weeks now. I can't believe it.

I have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow night after work. I haven't been feeling like myself lately and I'm still so tired all the time. I get up every day at 6am and I am in bed most nights by 930, so I shouldn't be this tired. I am sure I have mono or lupus or something worse. I just don't feel "right". Maybe its all in my head. Well, I guess I'll know soon enough.

That's it for me tonight...


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

High Drama In The Neighbourhood

It isn't out of the ordinary to see a police car on my street. There's always something going on in my neighbourhood. Back when my friend Anne and her family lived here, she'd keep me in the know on what happened on her side and I kept her in the know as to what happened on mine.

Anne lived on the side with all the drama. My side is pretty quiet. Well, not tonight however.

The children were outside playing with all of their friends when Sam rushing in to tell me that two of their friends were arguing - we'll call them "Bill" and "Bob" for the sake of this retelling - when "Bob's" dad came out and grabbed "Bill" with one hand and back handed him across the mouth with the other.

Oh no he di-ent.

Oh yes... he did.

Two police cars and an ambulance arrived and the street became a flurry of activity.

Now you know I went out to see what was going on. The children in this neighbourhood are forever in my backyard or on my porch - even when my own children are inside! - and I have grown fond of them. That, and I am incredibly nosey.

I did get to meet a new neighbour :-) And she has a little boy a few months older than Jordan.

I saw "Bob" and he was walking fine and smiling a little at all the attention, and they put him in the ambulance to take to the hospital. Protocol, I guess. I felt sad because no one went with him for the ride to the hospital. His mother followed with their van. I hope he wasn't scared being by himself :-(

So while I was spying making new friends, I saw the police walk to "Bob's" dad's house. By then my spying friend-making was looking a little like friend-making, so I made my way home. Sam came in to tell me that the police took "Bob's" dad away in one of the police cruisers.


The children are very upset at what has happened and very worried for their friend. I cautioned them that the other children might ostracize "Bob" a little because of what his dad did. I said that this would be a great opportunity to show Christ's love toward "Bob" and the other children will follow.

I also said stay the hell heck away from "Bob's" dad.

In other news, all of the grocery stores in my area - and probably the world - have begun charging for plastic bags. Ugh. I refuse to pay 5 cents for a bag! Now I have nothing to put my garbage in. Frustrating. I have a whack of reusable bags that I can't seem to remember to leave in the car.

I think they've now hired a new collector for the Kingston location. I'm sad at this placement coming to an end, but happy too, because I'd like to spend a little time at home with the kids over the summer. Whatever happens, I know God's got me.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Beginning of the end...

Today a part of my job was transferred to Kingston.


I feel sad because I know that my time with the company is drawing to a close.

I know what you are thinking... I fought going back to work, and I was feeling so overwhelmed, etc...

You're right.

Once again, God knew what was best for me. He provided this great job for me, with great people and allowed me to see and enjoy the fruits of my labour. I've been able to see a side of myself that I thought I'd forgotten in my stay-at-home life. Even the drive there is peaceful and lovely.

I will miss this job and the people.

I wonder what God has next for me?