Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Weekend Over

Another weekend down.

Why oh why do they have to pass so quickly?

Yesterday began with dramatic flair. Jordan was walking around our main level while I was filling her sippy cups in the kitchen. We had the stairs blocked off with a baby gate but She-ra Jordan just plowed right into it and fell down the entire flight of stairs.

13 steps, I believe.

Pass me the Worst Mother of the Year Award, if you please.

Ian was down those stairs faster than you can imagine. As soon as I realized she was falling I bolted from the kitchen and ran down the steps. Poor little lamb. She was scared more than anything. I held her while Ian put ice on the goose egg that was coming up on her forehead. Today she is no worse for the wear.

Honestly. There is always something going on in my house.

After that drama, Ian and I headed off to the magic shop with the children so that Ian could pick up some supplies for a booking he had this afternoon.

Did I ever tell you that Ian is a professional magician? Well he is and he's brilliant.

I enjoy going to the magic shop and the owner is always so friendly and quick to show me a new trick or two. The children love it too. Afterwards, I took Sam and Jules to see "Up" at the theatre. Sam was happy that I was taking them because he said we haven't been spending much time together since I went back to work.


It was nice to focus on the older children without being distracted by Jordan's needs or overall adorableness. It was a cute movie. Well, at least the parts I saw were cute. I fell asleep during it. In my defense it was dark in there...and the seats kind of reclined back a little...and I was tired (as usual) and...and...well it was a long movie.

In the evening Jordan and I walked outside together. She looked so cute in her new sundress and running shoes. She's Miss Independent and doesn't want any help while she walks. She's hardly eating anything these days. I don't know how she's surviving. She'll eat applesauce and yogurt but that's about all.

Today we skipped church and hung around the house. Jen stopped by to pick something up and we sat on my front porch talking for a bit. I haven't been getting together with her for over a month now. I miss her. Afterwards, Ian dropped us off at my mom's to visit while he headed off to do his show. It was a good visit, but as usual it went by too quickly. I miss her so much.

So here it is, Sunday night already. I feel so restless and I can't pinpoint why. I am struggling with my own wants, yet trying to be patient and trusting the Lord. I'm so human and I want what I want, when I want it.


Aren't we all a little like that?

Ahh well. Things are as they are.

Better get to bed. 6 am comes pretty fast.


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  1. I miss you too. That is why I am after you to get together.