Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today the children are home with me because it's a PA day. That's right, a PA day....right in the middle of the week.

I was reading in one of my favourite spots when Julie asked if she could give her hamster, Gabriella, a treat. Absolutely, I say. About five minutes later she came out of her room crying. She said she knew I was going to be mad, it was just an accident, on and on. Finally she spit it out: she had taken Gabriella out of her cage and put her on her bed "just for a minute" to do something and when she turned around she was gone. "I think she's under my bed!"

Honestly! Hamsters are not my thing. I don't like to touch them at all and now we had to do a Search and Rescue to find it. I had to call in reinforcements... SAM!

We couldn't even get into her room because she had barricaded the door with a bunch of her large toys in an effort to keep me out. She had to move everything just so we could get inside. (Note: this is the second time she has lost Gabriella in her room and the second time she has barricaded the door in an effort to keep Ian or me out)

Bless Sam's heart... he pulled out the bed ~ along with half a million toys ~ and was able to locate Gabriella but couldn't reach her. I suggested he try to move her along with a coat hanger. (I was trying!) I said there was no way I could touch it with my bare hands so maybe we could "flick" her back into the cage. Julie kept crying and squeezing a fistful of my shirt saying "I'm so sorry mommy... I know you are was an accident...." I was too skeeved out to be cross with her so I just kept saying "let's just find her before we get too far ahead of ourselves."

I gave Sam some hamster treats to try to lure her out ~ amidst Julie's orders not to give her more than one because she is on a diet ~ and sure enough he got her and returned her to her cage. WHEW! Crisis averted.

I look down at Julie to see these two huge blue eyes filled with tears and get the "Do you have to tell Daddy?" question.

Sigh. "Yes, love. I have to tell Daddy. It was his rule that you don't take Gabriella out of her cage without him or me there. This is the second time you've lost her in your room."

Sam called Ian to tell him of his heroic rescue of poor defenseless Gabriella. Ian and I got laughing about it so don't worry (my one or two readers!) she isn't in big trouble.

She is up there under my orders to clean up her room before her father comes home. Every five minutes I get pleas for a break or a rest.

All of this happened before lunch! My days are usually spent reading or puttering around quietly, watching tv or napping. Quietly..... These things are only supposed to happen on Saturdays or Sundays when Ian is around! He deals with Hamster Drama better than I do.

Oh I love these children. They are always up to something! We're going to make cupcakes this afternoon and decorate them together. Hopefully there won't be any Cupcake Drama.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nice Weekend

It's been a nice weekend although I can't believe it's Sunday night already.

Friday night Ian was helping out with a youth event at the church so the kids and I played Dead or Alive on the XBox and had McDonald's for dinner. Sam kicks my butt constantly. The score was 12-4 for him when I finally called Uncle. He actually asked me if I was holding back on him just so he could win. Imagine my embarassment when I had to admit that no, I was honestly giving it all I had trying to win. The three of us were in bed by 9pm!

Saturday Jules and I headed over to her soccer game at 10 am and were pleasantly surprised when my mom joined us. I love spending time with my mother and Julie was so happy to look up in the stands and see her Gram. The kids and I dropped Ian off at the church at 4 for the beginning of the Grand Opening for our church to celebrate the new addition and then we went grocery shopping.

I thought I'd try out Sobey's this time instead of A&P since they had good sales in their flyer. My grocery bill was considerably lower and the meat I bought was not only much fresher but much cheaper too. Ian teased me about the thrill I got from a new grocery store. LOL. I think I might need better excitement in my life than a new grocery experience.

Saturday evening the kids and I arrived at the church at 5:45 in time for the celebration service at 6pm. We missed a lot from 4pm. Food everywhere! Cake too! Darn it. I did find a table that was serving Samosas. I have been craving them my entire pregnancy. The service was nice but crowded. Afterwards the kids went up to the Sunday school rooms for a reptile show and the adults stayed for a music and storytelling hour. A couple of minutes into it I was wishing I went to the reptile show....! Odd stories and odd music. When we got home Ian and I watched Aliens vs Predators and I fell asleep halfway through.

Today we skipped church and did some housework (after Ian let me sleep in until after 10 and brought me a perfectly made cup of tea in bed!) then Ian took the kids to Sam's soccer game while I finished up a few things. At 4:30 a friend of the kids' came for a playdate until 6. Ian hung around while I had a rest upstairs. Now he is out picking up pizza and his best friend Gary is coming to visit.

Not a bad weekend. I have a lot of calls and appointments to make this week. Eye appointments for both of the children, a hearing test for Jules, my hospital tour.... questions for EI... I still need to go through my stuff and see what baby stuff I've hung on to from the kids. The women at my church have been wonderful, offering lots of things like baby swings and a moses basket. Very kind women.

That's it. A weekend in my life.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

So Tired Of Being Crabby

I really, really am. No one wants to be around me. I don't even want to be around me. It seems as though I alternate from being super-bitch to crybaby in no time at all. I snap at Ian and the kids all the time. Ian is a saint ~ he lets so much slide but everyone has a breaking point. They don't deserve that.

I cry at dog food commercials. A Campbells Soup commercial got me the other day. Today I cried all through Dr. Phil. It wasn't even a good show today. Everytime an ambulance goes by I start to cry. I hate this.

I know...I know.... hormones. I still have 62 days to go. If my family moves me into the garage I don't think I would blame them.

As thrilled as I am to be having this baby, I feel such sadness that I can't share my happiness with one of my closest friends due to a falling out between us. I don't like to be at odds with people and I always try to rectify bad situations with friends but this time I just had to hold my ground and not compromise what I believed were the issues. I wonder if she misses me too or thinks about me at all. I wish things could be different. I loved sharing in her pregnancy and the birth of her beautiful son. I feel lonely for her because I can't share this time in my life with her.

I am sure you can tell (lol... my one single reader out there) I am feeling weepy at the moment. In about 60 seconds I'll revert to KateZilla. Can't wait until I can go to bed and not bug anyone.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Update for the Week

It's been a rough week for Ian and the kids. Monday I had Sam and Jules home with me because they were sick. Tuesday Sam went to school but Jules stayed home again. Wednesday both kids went to school but Ian was home sick. Thursday everyone was back to school/work and I was wiped out. Not sick, just tired and sore. No big deal. Ian was home on Friday sick and even today, Sunday, he isn't 100%. Both kids missed their soccer games this weekend too. Hopefully they are on the mend.

Wednesday I joined in with the Ladies Coffee Hour. I think that's what it's called. I met a couple of new people but I don't think it's for me which is a shame. I might give it another go this Wednesday, we'll see.

Friday I saw my doctor for my regular checkup. I have one last 3 week appointment then I go every two weeks. Wow. All my symptoms (read: complaints) are perfectly normal and are always more pronounced with each pregnancy. Jordan's heartbeat sounded strong and healthy and he was pleased when I reported lots of daily and steady movement. She's been on the go all week and there isn't a position I can get into that settles her. I just need to wait her out I guess. I've lost another pound which is good, but I am boarderline for Gestational Diabetes. Sigh. Anything over 7.9 is GD and I am 7.5. He told me to cut way back on my fruit intake. Probably the only time a doctor will ever tell me that LOL. My blood pressure was through the roof and raised his eyebrows. He wasn't pleased to hear I had a headache as well. Looks like pre-eclampsia might be in my future again. He didn't put me on bedrest because I told him I spend most of my life lying down anyway.

Yesterday was my birthday. 37 years old. I hate getting older. Not so much that *I* am getting older, but that those I love around me are getting older too. Like my mom. Ian and the kids brought me breakfast in bed and I pretty much spent the day laying in bed alternating between watching Season 3 of LOST, reading and napping. I was given lovely gifts and received lots of birthday wishes. We ordered dinner in and watched a movie together. I love my family.

Today I skipped church. Ian and the kids are still sick as I mentioned, and I just couldn't deal with sitting with 200+ people when I get hot so easily, then being pawed by half the women afterwards. They mean well and they are excited for me which is so nice, but sometimes I just want to wear a "hands off" sign.

I have a lot I need to accomplish tomorrow. I just hope I have the energy for it. I still have 9 1/2 weeks to go - I can't let things slip now. We need to clear out a section of our bedroom to set up Jordan's crib and I need to go through what we have saved and what we need. Hard to believe that my due date is in 65 days. I can't wait to meet her and I continue to pray that she is healthy and strong and is born safely. Sam and Julie are SO excited about her coming. I can't wait to see how she fits in with us four crazy people. She is getting the best big brother and big sister in the entire world and is being born into a family with so much love to give.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Little Fakers

I let my kids stay home from school today because they were both not feeling well. I felt sad for them because one kept sneezing and the other had a scratchy throat. WELL. Fast forward to lunchtime and there is nothing wrong with these two! Little fakers. Ah well. I love having them with me so it's no big deal.

They show me "the eyes" and they get me every time.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hanging With The Kids

What a great day. Ian let me sleep in and he took Julie to her 8am soccer game this morning and then brought me home a Tim's tea and muffins! Very nice start to my day, although I missed seeing Jules play.

This afternoon the kids and I went to Build a Bear to spend their gift cards from Christmas. I always end up buying extra stuff for them because I see how hard it is for them to decide on one or two things! LOL. Today was no different. Sam bought a Superman costume for his and an adorable pair of Joe Boxers. Julie bought hers a pink sweater, pink mini skirt and a high school musical purse... I thought we'd be there forever...Sam, me and the Queen of Indecision. It's a great store and lots of fun.

Afterwards we grabbed lunch at Burger King. Sam was so happy while we were driving home and said "Was this a great afternoon or was this a great afternoon??"

I was wiped out when we got back. We only walked to the store and I sat down there when I could, but I was exhausted when I got home. I had a two hour nap to recuperate! It frustrates me to have this lack of energy but I know it won't last forever and we're getting a wonderful little person out of it. I still have some cramping and lower back pain but I'm taking it easy now.

Back to watching Season 3 of Lost!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Gym Grade

My children are both very good students. A's and B's. We are very proud of how hard they work and that they care about their grades.

Last year Sam brought home his report card that was full of A's and B's and one C+. A glaring C+. In Gym class no less. He was devastated. He was so proud of his report card and then to see that... he was very upset. I scheduled a meeting with his regular teacher to discuss his grades even though it wasn't needed. I met up with the gym teacher to discuss Sam's grade. I told him that several parents told me their child received the same grade and it appeared that everyone in gr 2 got this mark. He admitted it saying they all start off with a C+ and their grades go up from there. We had a very nice talk and I said that theory was fine for Sept, but the children should have a more realistic grade by Dec. He agreed to change the grade to a B-.

This year Julie brought home her first report card ever. All A's and B's. And one glaring C+. Guess what subject that was? I called this gym teacher to talk to him about it and heard the whole reasoning given from the year before. I said he had scored her as below the provincial standard for gym and was he telling me that was the case not only with my daughter but with every child in the school? I mentioned the Rubric method of grading as well as other points. He said Julie was very athletic and high participation. He offered a B-. I asked him if that was a fair grade for her or was he just pacifying me? I wanted a B. He said he didn't think he could do that but he'd talk to the administrator and get back to me before the Christmas break. He didn't.

Today I was at the school to pick up the kids for lunch and I saw the gym teacher. He came right over and said he had changed her grade to a B-, was that acceptable? I asked if it was accurate. I said I felt he was trying to placate me and I wanted her marked fairly according to her skill. Long story short, he claims he cannot go higher than a B- but she would likely get a B+ on her next report card. This guy is unbelievable. I don't care if she brings home an F as long as it is a fair mark for her skills.

Ian thinks I'm nuts. So does mom. This is grade school gym, not a mark in highschool that will affect what university she will get into. I can't help it. When I encounter something that is blatantly wrong I have to stand up to it. I was polite but firm. Can't win them all I guess.

Staying At Home

I'm sure I've said it before but I LOVE being a stay at home mom. I love puttering around my house and taking care of my husband and children. Running errands? No problem. Love it. I am so relaxed and happy and content with my life. I know it's not a forever situation so I'm enjoying every minute of it now.

I have felt so much guilt in the last few years I worked. Rushing the kids to my mom's in the morning so that she could give them breakfast and take them to school each day. *I* wanted to be the person to take them to school every day. Then racing to get to the after school program by 6pm so we could race home and eat dinner and pack everything into the few short hours before their bedtime. No energy to clean or cook, lots of takeout. Wake up the next day and repeat. So much to fit in on the weekends... never enough time. I felt so out of touch with my kids.

Being at home means that I can keep the house up. I can have dinner on the table an appropriate time (no takeout!) and spend time with the kids while they do homework because I'm not overtired from my own day. I can take care of the errands or make appointments when needed and not worry about paid leave time or coordinating the car. It means I am tuned into my husband and children and their needs. I take care of them and they like it. *I* like it.

I have struggled with depression in the past so I know that being on my own too much can lead to another episode so I visit with my mom several times a week, I'm starting to get together with my other SAH friends. I'm even going to join the Wednesday morning coffee hour. I love this life. And I am so grateful to my wonderful husband for arranging this time for me. Once Jordan arrives things will definitely get kicked up a notch or two but I love that I will have one more person to care for. Such blessings.

Tonight we are going out for dinner. To a place with LINEN napkins...LOL. We even have a reservation! Soccer resumes this weekend too so I have to locate soccer socks and shorts and shirts and shin pads... I love being a soccer mom. We might even take the children to see the new Veggie Tales movie as well. So glad it's Friday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Today I needed to get to the OHIP office to renew my health card as well as the children's cards. They expire on the 19th. Honestly... expiration dates get me. At least this time I was on the ball and got them renewed. Mine expired 5 years ago and I actually had to pay for the visit. Never again. My mom came with me for company and we were amazed at how quickly we got everything done there.

From there we went to the Ministry of Transport to renew my liscence. Again with the expiration dates. No line-ups at all there which was nice. So those two things are off my mind now and that's good.

I went back to mom's to visit and for lunch and now I'm home debating whether or not to have a nap.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lazy Day

11 weeks and 1 day to go. 78 days until I meet my new daughter. I wonder who she will be or Ian..... Sam or Julie.... or her own little person. I can't wait to hold her and kiss her little face. She is joining a family that is so full of love and excited about her arrival. I can't imagine what she will look like or sound like or smell like. I get teary thinking of her birth day and being able to see her precious little face for the first time. She will turn our lives upside down yet I am so excited.

Today Sam called me "Preggers McHousewife". I really appreciate his sense of humour. He's a funny guy.

It's awfully quiet around here without the kids home. I was lonely yesterday! I spent most of my day today with my mother which is always nice. She and I are very close and we spent a lot of time laughing together. Tomorrow I am off to re-new my OHIP card as well as the children's cards. Then I have to go to the Ministry of Transport to renew my drivers liscence. Lots of standing around waiting in line. If I finish early enough I will go and visit my friend for a cup of tea.

Too bad being a stay at home mom (read: housewife!) doesn't come with a big fat paycheque.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


It's really tough to get back into the habit of blogging again. I always have so much to say in real life but when I sit down to update this blog I got nuthin'. I love reading other people's blogs and I get frustrated when they aren't updated.

The kids and I survived "Guys Night" last night. Ian had 7 of his buddies over to play with the wii and xbox and to play poker. I picked up McD's for the kids and me and we put our pjs on and watched a couple of movies in my bed and then fell asleep. Ian moved them to their own rooms around 3am. I was super impressed that these 7 men didn't trash my house! It was (almost!) as though they were never here. I shouldn't tease, they are great guys.

This afternoon the kids are having a friend over for a playdate. Apparently these things are all about the snacks so I have to make sure I have good snacks. I'll bake some cookies and put out chips and popcorn. He's a good kid so I don't anticipate any problems with him being here.

Sam made me laugh the other day when he called me a "housewife". I haven't heard that term in awhile and it made me laugh. He said it's true, because I am a wife, I stay in the house and cook, clean and takes care of her kids. That pretty much sums up my dream job.

Oh I never set out to be a "Housewife". Oh no. I was going to climb the corporate ladder and be someone. After I had Sam that feeling dwindled considerably and it was an internal struggle between wanting my career and wanting to be with this tiny person. When I had Julie I stopped caring about a career, I knew I just wanted to be with my children. That feeling only grew bigger and bigger as the years went on. Financially it just wasn't an option. I have been at home for a month now and I love it. Ian said to me this morning that if I ended up staying at home until after my mat leave that would be fine. But with that comes sacrifices too. Financial being the first and largest, the second being that I would have to go back to work for next Jan when Jordan was only about 9 months old. Do I take this time now or save it for later? It's hard. But I know S & J and Ian are benefitting from me being home now so all is not lost. It's helping me to rest and prepare for Jordan. There is give and take in absolutely everything.

Sigh. I have to tackle my bathroom now. My least favourite job in the world!