Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nice Weekend

It's been a nice weekend although I can't believe it's Sunday night already.

Friday night Ian was helping out with a youth event at the church so the kids and I played Dead or Alive on the XBox and had McDonald's for dinner. Sam kicks my butt constantly. The score was 12-4 for him when I finally called Uncle. He actually asked me if I was holding back on him just so he could win. Imagine my embarassment when I had to admit that no, I was honestly giving it all I had trying to win. The three of us were in bed by 9pm!

Saturday Jules and I headed over to her soccer game at 10 am and were pleasantly surprised when my mom joined us. I love spending time with my mother and Julie was so happy to look up in the stands and see her Gram. The kids and I dropped Ian off at the church at 4 for the beginning of the Grand Opening for our church to celebrate the new addition and then we went grocery shopping.

I thought I'd try out Sobey's this time instead of A&P since they had good sales in their flyer. My grocery bill was considerably lower and the meat I bought was not only much fresher but much cheaper too. Ian teased me about the thrill I got from a new grocery store. LOL. I think I might need better excitement in my life than a new grocery experience.

Saturday evening the kids and I arrived at the church at 5:45 in time for the celebration service at 6pm. We missed a lot from 4pm. Food everywhere! Cake too! Darn it. I did find a table that was serving Samosas. I have been craving them my entire pregnancy. The service was nice but crowded. Afterwards the kids went up to the Sunday school rooms for a reptile show and the adults stayed for a music and storytelling hour. A couple of minutes into it I was wishing I went to the reptile show....! Odd stories and odd music. When we got home Ian and I watched Aliens vs Predators and I fell asleep halfway through.

Today we skipped church and did some housework (after Ian let me sleep in until after 10 and brought me a perfectly made cup of tea in bed!) then Ian took the kids to Sam's soccer game while I finished up a few things. At 4:30 a friend of the kids' came for a playdate until 6. Ian hung around while I had a rest upstairs. Now he is out picking up pizza and his best friend Gary is coming to visit.

Not a bad weekend. I have a lot of calls and appointments to make this week. Eye appointments for both of the children, a hearing test for Jules, my hospital tour.... questions for EI... I still need to go through my stuff and see what baby stuff I've hung on to from the kids. The women at my church have been wonderful, offering lots of things like baby swings and a moses basket. Very kind women.

That's it. A weekend in my life.

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