Saturday, January 05, 2008


It's really tough to get back into the habit of blogging again. I always have so much to say in real life but when I sit down to update this blog I got nuthin'. I love reading other people's blogs and I get frustrated when they aren't updated.

The kids and I survived "Guys Night" last night. Ian had 7 of his buddies over to play with the wii and xbox and to play poker. I picked up McD's for the kids and me and we put our pjs on and watched a couple of movies in my bed and then fell asleep. Ian moved them to their own rooms around 3am. I was super impressed that these 7 men didn't trash my house! It was (almost!) as though they were never here. I shouldn't tease, they are great guys.

This afternoon the kids are having a friend over for a playdate. Apparently these things are all about the snacks so I have to make sure I have good snacks. I'll bake some cookies and put out chips and popcorn. He's a good kid so I don't anticipate any problems with him being here.

Sam made me laugh the other day when he called me a "housewife". I haven't heard that term in awhile and it made me laugh. He said it's true, because I am a wife, I stay in the house and cook, clean and takes care of her kids. That pretty much sums up my dream job.

Oh I never set out to be a "Housewife". Oh no. I was going to climb the corporate ladder and be someone. After I had Sam that feeling dwindled considerably and it was an internal struggle between wanting my career and wanting to be with this tiny person. When I had Julie I stopped caring about a career, I knew I just wanted to be with my children. That feeling only grew bigger and bigger as the years went on. Financially it just wasn't an option. I have been at home for a month now and I love it. Ian said to me this morning that if I ended up staying at home until after my mat leave that would be fine. But with that comes sacrifices too. Financial being the first and largest, the second being that I would have to go back to work for next Jan when Jordan was only about 9 months old. Do I take this time now or save it for later? It's hard. But I know S & J and Ian are benefitting from me being home now so all is not lost. It's helping me to rest and prepare for Jordan. There is give and take in absolutely everything.

Sigh. I have to tackle my bathroom now. My least favourite job in the world!

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