Monday, December 31, 2007


I don't have a lot of complaints about my pregnancy. I'm so happy to be having Jordan and 99% of the time I feel terrific. I've been resting a lot and going easy on myself and I think that's helping. I've even been told by several people that I am absolutely glowing.

That said... there is that 1%. HORMONES! Oh my poor Ian.... he has the patience of a saint. If I'm not being cranky then I'm crying.... if I'm not crying I'm cranky... I am sure that if you were to ask him, it might be more than 1%! I know that you can't do a lot about hormones but still, I believe that ultimately I should be able to control my own behaviour and that being pregnant isn't an excuse to get cross with him about the recycling! Or to cry because I can't get my cheese packet open.

Yesterday I got my first cold of the season. Of course I was just telling Ian two days before that I was so lucky to not have gotten sick yet. When will I learn to keep my big trap shut? I think I slept in 20-30 minute spurts all night and finally moved downstairs to my recliner. Just as I'd be about to fall asleep Jordan started kicking me. :-) I love knowing she is ok in there but come on babe.... let momma sleep!

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  1. Poor Kate! I hope you're feeling better soon!