Thursday, July 04, 2013


Hello friends.

When I logged in today I was surprised that I haven't written anything since May.

There's been a lot going on here for the last several weeks. For while there, every time I sat down to write....nothing came out.

So... I just stopped trying.

To be honest I'm struggling and choosing joy every day is getting harder. I'm tired. I thought things would be different by now and the dreams that I had held on to and prayed for are slipping away. I feel full of sadness. While I am extremely grateful for the provision of my job, the weight of my responsibility and workload is overwhelming. I'm becoming someone I don't want to be.

Sadly, we have been deeply wounded by our church in these past several weeks and it's been a very, very, difficult time for us.  We remain hopeful that God will restore all if we give it all to Him. In the meantime, I've stopped attending our home church.

I just feel overwhelmed with sadness tonight.

If you should feel led to do so, I would appreciate your prayers for my family.