Friday, January 11, 2008

Gym Grade

My children are both very good students. A's and B's. We are very proud of how hard they work and that they care about their grades.

Last year Sam brought home his report card that was full of A's and B's and one C+. A glaring C+. In Gym class no less. He was devastated. He was so proud of his report card and then to see that... he was very upset. I scheduled a meeting with his regular teacher to discuss his grades even though it wasn't needed. I met up with the gym teacher to discuss Sam's grade. I told him that several parents told me their child received the same grade and it appeared that everyone in gr 2 got this mark. He admitted it saying they all start off with a C+ and their grades go up from there. We had a very nice talk and I said that theory was fine for Sept, but the children should have a more realistic grade by Dec. He agreed to change the grade to a B-.

This year Julie brought home her first report card ever. All A's and B's. And one glaring C+. Guess what subject that was? I called this gym teacher to talk to him about it and heard the whole reasoning given from the year before. I said he had scored her as below the provincial standard for gym and was he telling me that was the case not only with my daughter but with every child in the school? I mentioned the Rubric method of grading as well as other points. He said Julie was very athletic and high participation. He offered a B-. I asked him if that was a fair grade for her or was he just pacifying me? I wanted a B. He said he didn't think he could do that but he'd talk to the administrator and get back to me before the Christmas break. He didn't.

Today I was at the school to pick up the kids for lunch and I saw the gym teacher. He came right over and said he had changed her grade to a B-, was that acceptable? I asked if it was accurate. I said I felt he was trying to placate me and I wanted her marked fairly according to her skill. Long story short, he claims he cannot go higher than a B- but she would likely get a B+ on her next report card. This guy is unbelievable. I don't care if she brings home an F as long as it is a fair mark for her skills.

Ian thinks I'm nuts. So does mom. This is grade school gym, not a mark in highschool that will affect what university she will get into. I can't help it. When I encounter something that is blatantly wrong I have to stand up to it. I was polite but firm. Can't win them all I guess.


  1. I don't get how every kid in the school can get a C in Gym. That's just dumb!

  2. I don't get how every kid in the school can get a C in Gym. That's just dumb!