Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just A Few Things

Jordan has croup again, poor little miss. She feels so lousy and has been so fussy. Nothing is making her feel better. The last two nights have been brutal for Ian and he's feeling pretty run down. Good thing its almost the weekend so I can pitch in more and he can catch up on his rest.

Sam came home sick from school this morning. He said he laid down at 11am and the next thing he knew it was 1pm. Ian and I spent some time helping him plan his upcoming birthday party. I think he's decided to have a pool party.

Julie has certainly given new meaning to the term "Drama Queen" this week. She is "in love" with a boy in her class and didn't appreciate us telling her she wasn't allowed to have boyfriends. It's a great story and one I will save for a time when I have more energy to share it.

I saw my doctor this week to discuss my constant fatigue. He sent me for blood work but I haven't heard anything, so no news is good news. Apparently I have to just endure it.


I'd get a second opinion but I'm too tired.

Work continues to be incredibly busy. I still don't know how long I'm there for but that's ok. It's year end this month, so I'm sure I'll be let go after that. I feel good about what I've accomplished there, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to being at home again.

Last week I reconnected with a woman I was very good friends with back in my teens. She's married with two adorable little boys and we've been having a fun time getting reacquainted with each other. I'm hoping to get together with her sometime soon.

Today I had an M&M Frosty at work. Oh how I've missed those Frostys... It was so good.

I felt rather cheeky this evening as I did my grocery shopping at Fortinos with my recyclable A&P bags prominently displayed in my shopping cart.


And my ice cream was melting so I put it back and took a new one 'cuz that's how I roll.

That's it for me. Over and out.


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