Monday, March 17, 2008

9 Days To Go!

I can't believe the end is nearing. Soon I will be a mom to three children. I will have my own "herd" as I told my friend Jen yesterday.

I'm not feeling much physically except what is to be expected at 9 months. Lower back discomfort, some achiness in my legs, all over achiness actually and fatigue. Nothing terrible though - I've had a very easy time so far. I've had a few bouts of energy lately so I'm trying to maximize that. I need to get my housework done and then I can relax, wait and enjoy. Tonight I actually made dinner and we ate at the table like normal people. I even baked cookies!

Today I washed three loads of baby clothes. I'd forgotten how wonderful baby clothes freshly washed in Ivory Snow smell. I'd sniff then fold...sniff then fold.... Everything I want to take to the hospital has been washed and folded and I just need Ian to reach my suitcase for me so I can pack everything.

Jordan will wear the same gown home from the hospital that Julie did. It's a flannel gown with smocking on the front with pink ribbons. My grandmother made three for each granddaughter years and years ago, for their babies to wear home from the hospital. Sam wore his and so did Julie. I love that there is a piece of my grandmother with us on such special days. (I'm also packing Sam's blue gown just in case Jordan is a he and the technician was wrong!)

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and frankly I can't wait. I have felt so ugly the entire pregnancy and I want to look good not just for myself, but for Ian as well. My regular stylist is on mat leave but the lady I am seeing tomorrow comes highly recommended. I hope she is ok! I am a freak about my hair.

That's about all for now. I am getting ready to go to bed. Missed my nap today! ;-)


  1. I can't wait to see your hair tonight!

    That gown sounds beautiful!

  2. I can't wait to see your hair tonight!

    That gown sounds beautiful!