Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Due Date!

Today is Jordan's due date! I woke up feeling so excited and emotional even though I didn't expect her to arrive today at all.

I went to my doctor's appointment this afternoon and my blood pressure readings were 154/100 and 160/100. He was not thrilled. Her heartbeat was good, I've lost 1 1/2 lbs (can I get a woot woot!) and the resident that saw me first estimated her to be 8-9 lbs (say what??).

My doctor sent me for bloodwork and told me to go home and "lay low" and he would have his office call the hospital to book my induction. I checked my messages before I got home and they had already called. I will be induced on Friday the 28th. I need to be ready to go by 8am and someone from the hospital will call with the time to come in.

I am a mess of emotion - nervous, anxious, scared.... but excited and peaceful and teary. I have waited so long for her and she will be in my arms this weekend.

Ian and I finished up Julie's birthday shopping today and after all that walking I am feeling a lot of pressure and back ache. I'm really looking forward to the bubble bath that Ian runs for me every night and then a good night's rest. Tomorrow I have housework to do to get things ready for my aunt who will be watching my children while I deliver.

We gave Julie some of her birthday gifts tonight and took her to Swiss Chalet (her favourite restaraunt) for dinner even though her birthday isn't until tomorrow. We'll give her the rest of her gifts and have my mom and aunt over for cake tomorrow evening to celebrate the actual day. We've stretched her birthday out quite a bit this year so she wouldn't be lost in the excitement of her new sister's arrival. She is so happy that she will be able to keep her own birthday!

Well I am off to fold some laundry and get ready for bed.