Monday, March 31, 2008

She's Here!

Jordan Theresa Faith joined our family on Saturday March 29th at 5:31 am, weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. She is so beautiful.

The hospital was to call us at 8am on Friday to tell us when to come in for the induction. We didn't hear anything until 9am when they called to tell us they were completely swamped and would call us back around noon, and to make sure I ate breakfast. (Aww) No one called at all so Ian called them at 2pm and was told they were still swamped and would call back in an hour. After spending the day reading, praying and relaxing, the kids came home at 4pm and were so disappointed to see us still at the house! Finally the hospital called at 4:30 asking us to start making our way in. We called my mom and once she arrived we headed off.

We checked in at L & D at 4:55 and were told there weren't any beds available, not even in triage, and had to wait. Ian was frustrated because after all, they just called us to come! We settled in and who walked in about 30 minutes later? Our pastor and friend, Ed. He visited with us for 45 min and then we all prayed together before he headed off. He was in the hospital visiting someone from the church and thought he'd stop in. I felt so calm after the prayer time.

I finally saw the doctor on call about 7pm and after an internal exam, he said he would be back shortly to let us know how we would proceed. He wanted to break my water but I wanted an epidural first. At 9pm we were told to start walking. Mom got settled in the lounge with a book and off Ian and I went, checking out various parts of the hospital. I felt occasional tightness in my belly but just thought it was Jordan stretching so we continued on. When we came back in an hour my mom was feeling my belly and asking me if I felt any contractions. Nope, just Jordan stretching. We were assigned a room just before midnight and I was put on a monitor and apparently I had been contracting after all! It wasn't Jordan stretching, I was contracting every 2 minutes. I ask you, how blonde did I have to be to not know I was in labour? Duh Kate!

I had an epidural put in place just after midnight and at 12:30 my water was broken and at 12:40 the pitocin was started. I was so sleepy after the epidural so I had a nap. Mom watched a movie on Ian's laptop and Ian watched something on his PSP. After awhile he dozed off so Mom and I talked quietly for a bit.

Around 5am I started feeling a lot of pressure and discomfort. I kept pressing the button on my epidural but it didn't feel as though it was doing anything at all. I kept begging my nurse Michelle to find "The Guy" (anesthesiologist) to help me. "Where's The Guy?" "Please go find The Guy!" "I NEED THE GUY!"

By this time the dr was checking me every other minute or so and I kept dialating until I was the full 10 cm and was good to start pushing. I don't know how many times I pushed or for how long but all of a sudden Michelle was asking me if I wanted her on my chest and then there she was in all her beauty.

I'll write more later...Jordan needs me :-)


  1. Anonymous9:00 p.m.

    What a GREAT birth story! If all births were like that, we'd all have football teams!

    Congrats again...I can't wait to meet her~!

  2. What a GREAT birth story! If all births were like that, we'd all have football teams!

    Congrats again...I can't wait to meet her~!