Monday, March 10, 2008

What A Great Weekend

Saturday was Julie's birthday party. She had four friends over which was a perfect number and she was thrilled. The phone rang all day (or so it seemed!) with little girls calling for their "best friend Julie". Ian arranged everything from the craft time, to the movie, to the magic show. All I had to do was take care of the snacks, pizza, cake and clean up. It was a pj party and ran from 4-8pm, with four little girls going home hopped up on sugary cake LOL. Julie was very pleased.

Sunday was wonderful. My dear friend Jen threw me a baby shower! She hosted a bunch of my girlfriends who she didn't even know! The food was excellent and my gifts were perfect and lovely. She even had a couple of games with great prizes and Julie got to take part in that as well and won a prize. (thanks again for that, Jen!) She had never been to a shower before and quietly asked me if we were going to get wet! It was a wonderful time spent with good friends and I loved every minute of it. I have been blessed with so many wonderful friends. Jen has been so supportive of me throughout the last year and always checks on me daily to see how I'm feeling. (Sometimes I think she is more excited for the birth of this baby than I am!)

Onec home, I showed everything to Ian then crashed for a three hour nap - all the excitement wore me out I guess!

I have just about everything I could possibly need for Jordan now with the exception of her mattress and a car seat which we'll take care of this week. I see my dr again tomorrow morning for my regular weekly check up.

I am thinking about taking the kids to Build A Bear to make a bear for Jordan. I will ask if they can each wish on a heart to be sewn inside. I think it would be special for Jordan to know that her big brother and big sister made something for her with love.

Only 16 more days to go....

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  1. I am so happy that you enjoyed things yesterday! I enjoyed meeting your friends and your mom! They are all awesome!

    I am so very excited about Jordan, and I know you're very anxious. Everything will be great and Jordan will be beautiful!

    I think taking the kids to Build a Bear is an awesome idea! What a sweet gift for their little sister!