Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last night I hardly slept at all and when I finally did fall asleep just after 5:30 I had all sorts of bad dreams.

I did all my dishes and put them away, wiped down the crib and change table completely, re-made the crib, put away all of my lovely shower gifts, made a pile of baby stuff to wash and put some other laundry away. I would have cleaned my bathroom but as it was I already woke Ian up.

At 3am after giving up on any semblance of good tv, I went upstairs to continue puttering. Who did I pass in the hallway? My dear hamster friend Sunny. Honestly... she attempts a prison break once a week! She was coming down the hall from my room, undoubtedly disappointed that she couldn't scare me since I wasn't there. I tried to catch her but she kept jumping out of my hands. Finally I had to wake Ian to come and catch her for me. Ugh.

Jules came in at 4am having awoken from a bad dream so I let her sleep with me. What a mistake! She punched me three times in her sleep!

My back was hurting so much that by 5am I couldn't take it anymore so I ran a warm bath and sat with the jacuzzi jets on for a half hour. It helped but I am still so sore today. I think I overdid it last night.

Today Ian and the kids are at the church setting up lights and the jail cell for this Friday's drama piece. The house is so quiet. I have a lot of things to do but maybe I will just lie down and enjoy the quiet.

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  1. Sounds like some nesting feelings are setting in too!

    I hope you have a better night's sleep tonight!