Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gettin' Old

Wow getting old sucks.

I was out last evening at a ladies event at my church and afterwards a friend and I went to a nearby coffee shop to chat for a bit. We talked about everything under the sun and I was able to share with her a bit about the things I'm struggling with. I am a very private person and cover everything with a smile. She's the kind of friend who can hear what I'm not saying.

Do you have a friend like that? Such a gift.

Anyway, we talked and laughed and cried a bit right there at Tim Horton's, and every minute that passed I felt my heart growing a bit stronger. Then I checked the time on my phone and almost fell out of my chair: 1:15am!!


We wrapped it up and I headed home. I couldn't fall asleep so I chattered away telling Ian about my evening and do you know what my sweet husband did?


The nerve! Yes, it was after 2am by then but seriously people, this was riveting stuff.

Not really :-)

This morning I got up with Mattie so Ian could sleep in for a change.
It took me a full 15 minutes to figure out how to turn on the tv because it's hard. Technology is hard. Back in the day you pushed one button and voila! The tv turned on. Now you have to have a masters degree in science and technology to turn the ding dang thing on. Anyway, I did it, possibly with my 2 yr old's help. I'm not saying. It doesn't matter because I TURNED IT ON.

You'd think I discovered fire.

I also found the Canada/Sweden hockey game on an app on my ipad so I watched that because everyone on the planet was watching an peer pressure is a very powerful thing.

Between my late night out and an early morning with my little guy... I felt awful! Bones were creaking, I had a headache and felt barfy... I had two cups of tea before I began to feel somewhat normal.

Allll that to say... getting old sucks.



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  1. Staying up late with an amazing friend...PRICELESS!! So good to hear you have someone that can lend you an ear (and that you open up!!)! Love you sweet friend!