Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This And That

Big news at our place today...

We listed our house yesterday! The sign is in the lawn and we are good to go! We all worked like crazy this past weekend to get everything ready and the realtor came last night. We (and by "we" I mean "me") asked a million questions then signed all the paperwork. I followed him out and took pictures while he put the sign up. He was almost as excited as I was!

So... here we go.

I'm excited. I really am. We don't know how quickly it will sell, or where our next home will be. But what we do know is that God's in control of it all.

In other equally exciting news, I'm eating peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and it's very, very good. It's President's Choice and was on sale for $2.99. YUM. I'll have to tuck it further back into the freezer lest someone gets any grand ideas of helping themselves.

Today I read in the news that groceries are crazy expensive in Nunavut. A box of macaroni here might be a  couple bucks, but there it's $13.99. I can't imagine. Flour is over $33. Whoa.

Ian and I stopped at the dollar store on our way home from my office tonight and when we came out there was a woman standing outside with a sign. All I read was "dear brothers and sisters..." and I couldn't read anymore. She didn't see us walk past, but I felt such a pull towards her. I turned back as we walked, and saw person after person after person walk past her like she was invisible. My heart broke. Ian and I wanted to help her but things are hard for us as well. All through Home Depot I felt as though I was going to throw up.

When we came back out, Ian gave me something to give her. I walked over to her, all the while watching people walking by her like she didn't exist. I gently touched her arm and she turned to look at me.

Oh her eyes. 

They told me more than her words ever could.

I pressed what little we had to give her into her hand and she thanked me over and over in a voice that was weary.

I squeezed her arm gently and said "God bless you" and turned to leave, tears already falling. I can't stop thinking about her. I wish I stayed with her for a bit and asked her story. Kept her company. Maybe even  prayed with her. I wish I had shown her that love.

I can't imagine how impossibly difficult it would be to stand in her shoes, asking strangers for money, and being ignored... over and over again.

This life is hard. God knows this. He knows.

This weekend is Matthew's first birthday. I originally wanted to celebrate with just the six of us, but somehow it's gotten to be much bigger. Ah well. A little dude can never have too much love.

That's it for me. My ice cream is in my belly and I'm exhausted. I have a cold and and I'm exhausted. Time to put my coughing, sneezing, snarfy and sniffling self to bed.


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  1. Where in the heckneck is Nunavut?! And my friend, you have such a golden heart. You are so kind and wonderful and thoughtful and compassionate...I hope you give yourself that credit, my friend.