Monday, June 06, 2011

Bit Of This, Bit Of That

I'm loving being at home again.

I'm not loving the lack of a pay cheque to be at home, however.

But that's not what this post is about.

I love watching the big kids getting ready for school. I drove them myself on Friday and then stopped in to visit my mother all morning.

I love re-bonding with Jordan again. We've taken naps together in my bed for the last three days. I love feeling her hand stroking my face and hearing her whisper-soft voice telling me she loves me.

Today we went to the gas station around the corner to buy ourselves slushies, then sat and enjoyed them on the front porch while counting birds.

I'm enjoying her Jordan-speak. She loves to have "hepitch" on her hot dog. (ketchup). She wondered where her "bayving soup" went. (bathing suit) She can't wait for her little brother "Mattchew" to arrive. Her favourite meal is "yunch". (lunch)

Speaking of "Mattchew", Ian has been hard at work. He pulled out and cleaned our playpen and set it up in a corner of our living room underneath a window. Then he pulled out our baby swing. Tomorrow he will set up the crib in our room. He also found an incredible deal on an Eddie Bauer car seat/stroller combination for 50% off brand new. It's still a little costly, but I know we'll get that money back when we re-sell it. I just can't put him in Jordan's old grey and pink stroller... I just can't.

You understand that, don't you??

I thought we had another 3 weeks to prepare, and that felt like forever away. Now he's coming the day after tomorrow. Holy pickles! We have so much to do.

Which reminds me. I need to buy Ivory Snow laundry detergent. Oh how I love that smell on baby clothes. Once I even washed a load of my own clothes in it because I loved the smell so much. I didn't care that I smelled like a baby.

After school Ian took Sam to see the new X-men movie. He had some movie coupons to use before they expired and with how crazy this week is going to be, he wanted to spend some guy time with him. Once they come home, Ian is taking Julie to Pet Smart to get a guinea pig. My dear friend has offered us her employee discount which we certainly appreciate. We have everything for it already. It used to be Sam's cage (well, not Sam's, but his guinea pig's) before he outgrew it.

Again, the pig. Not Sam.

Sam's grade at school is in the process of doing the mandatory provincial testing for the next three days. I can't believe the pressure they've been putting on these kids to learn the content on the test, and then tripling up their regular lessons at the same time. I'll be glad when it's over for him on Wednesday.

Ian's been making sure I rest a lot and pretty much has me on lock down. Hard to believe that Wednesday is Birth Day. Lots and lots of emotions there.

That's about all I have to report for now. I'll check in again soon!



  1. How exciting that your little one will be here so soon. I will be praying for you on Wednesday that everything goes smoothly. And I understand about the car seat/stroller-great find at 50% off!!

  2. Wow. the time really has flown by. I remember being pregnant and thinking how far I had to wait until baby arrived and then when the day came it seemed so fast. Kind of like how the kids grow too.

    Glad to hear that a lot of the anxiety has left your "voice". You seem so relaxed and calm in this post.

    In other news, my kiddos just got two "piggies" of their own recently so it made me smile to hear someone else is not afraid to add them to their family. I've got nothing but "what, why" when people found out, but they really are kinda cute little creatures.

  3. Wednesday??? Oh my goodness!!! I will be sending you a ton of love and prayers!!! I hope you will feel them! ((((Kate)))) Good luck...I hope you and "Mattchew" have an easy delivery! <3

  4. Oh my GOSH!!! It's coming up sooooo soon! You have to keep me posted on the happening of laboUr and delivery! Good luck, God's blessings and many prayers for you!

  5. Anonymous9:26 p.m.

    So soon! Can't wait to love him from afar! This is Sandy - Blogger won't let me sign in as myself.

  6. Eeeek! SO exciting!
    And, YES, I understand. :)

  7. Such a wonderfully crazy time of your life!!! Can't wait to "meet" baby Mattchew!!! :) Tomorrow's THE day!!!! So happy for your little family!

  8. Wednesday??? Oh my goodness!!! I will be sending you a ton of love and prayers!!! I hope you will feel them! ((((Kate)))) Good luck...I hope you and "Mattchew" have an easy delivery! <3