Thursday, July 07, 2011


I can't believe that Matthew is four weeks old today. Friday is his official "one month birthday". I am so in love with him and can't get enough cuddles. He's really filling out now and is such a perfect armful.

Last night I only had to get up with him once and he took three sips of his bottle and fell back asleep until 7am. I have no expectations of a repeat performance tonight but I sure did appreciate the extra sleep.

My laptop is still missing the "L". And now, thanks to Jordan, it's missing 2/3 of the keys because she felt the need to pry them all off. I'm hopeful Ian can fix them.

Speaking of Jordan, I lost her for 40 seconds at the grocery store this afternoon. I looked away from her while I bent to get the toilet paper from underneath the cart and when I straightened up, she was gone. I called her name a few times, then told the cashier I'd be back because "my kid is gone".

I hate using my kids' names in public in case some creepy kid stealer is nearby and overhears, and then lures them away by calling them and pretending to know them.

I watch a lot of tv.

Anyway, panic was filling my heart as I went up and down the checkout lanes calling her name. Just as I was about to lose it, a man at the customer service counter said "she's right there" and gestured towards the window.

There she was, sitting behind a stack of Adirondack chairs, in a little pink chair, legs crossed, looking as though she was quite relaxed.

"Oh my gosh, J, you scared me to death! What are you doing over here?!" I screeched.

She sighed and got up saying "It OTAY Mommy... I tired so I sit down."

Good grief.

Still speaking of Jordan, I think she is showing signs of OCD...she is compulsive about washing her hands. Isn't that a big sign??

Our house was re-roofed on Tuesday. Those poor guys worked for 13 1/2 hours in 1,243,564 degree heat and finished it all in one day. Amazing. In order to get away from the noise, we took the children to Square One to see the new Disney store. Holy Pickles! It looks just like the souvenir shops at the Magic Kingdom! We went to Mom's so the Littles could take naps, then they played in Mom's kiddie pool. Afterwards we picked up a pizza and had a picnic in the park.

As you can see, he slept right through his first picnic.

Jordan hooked up with a little girl that looked just like Patty Farrell from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Oh man, Ian and I kept laughing.

Tonight Ian and Sam are going to youth group and they will be having a huge nerf fight. Julie, Jordan, Matthew and I are meeting up with Cindy for ice cream.

Sam's belt broke and his pants keep slipping. I have been singing "Pants on the Ground" every time he walks past me. Apparently out of the two of us, only I think it's funny.

Julie has been hard at work planning a goodbye party for her friend on the street and tomorrow is the big event. The friend is moving to India for five years. It's a shame... she's one of the few neighbourhood kids that doesn't get on my nerves.

Ok, that's all I have time to talk about today, and I'm sure your eyes are tired at this point.

Have a great evening :-)



  1. Love your updates, Kate!

  2. Ditto, what Sandy said! (And, btw...'member those codes you needed my help with? I'd love to help you out!)

    Snuggle Matthew for me...his cheeks just do me in!!

  3. sounds like life has returned to normal round your house :)