Monday, October 08, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

I'm loving this Thanksgiving weekend. It's a lot colder than I was expecting, so we haven't been able to do our Fall family photos yet. I'm hoping tomorrow is the day.

Yesterday Ian and I went to see Looper at the movie theatre. I really liked it even though I was confused half the time. While I enjoy time travel type movies, I'm easily lost.

Ian has had an awful earache for the last few days. He tried blowing warm air into his ear, mineral oil and hot compresses but it kept getting worse. He has an exceptionally high pain tolerance, so for him to admit he was in pain really worried me. It got so bad overnight that he ended up in the ER this morning at about 5:30 am. The doctor said his ear was severely infected and prescribed drops, antibiotics and painkillers. He said if it wasn't better by tomorrow that he'd have to go back for an IV.  I'm praying hard that he feels better in the morning.

This morning I stood staring at my defrosted turkey, trying to remember the cooking instructions my mother gave me. I cut off the packaging and reached in to pull out the bag that's supposed to hold all the turkey guts but it wasn't there. But its neck was and I had to pull it out. Revolting. The missing bag was up its hiney which was revolting times two. My mom had told me to make sure I rinsed it out well but what does that mean really? Five minutes? Ten minutes? I didn't know but I ended up giving that bird a bath. I washed it all over and rubbed its gross body until I was sure there weren't any germs left.

I couldn't remember what time I needed to put it in the oven and I couldn't reach my mother, so I decided to tweet for help. I said I had a 3.28 kg turkey and need to know how long to cook it if I wanted to eat at 6pm. There were a lot of smart Alec's on the twitter today making fun of my teeny tiny anorexic turkey. Turns out my turkey was $3.28/kg and actually weighed approximately 16 lbs. apparently I can't read.

Ian's best friend came for dinner and we had such a lovely time together. Afterwards we had a great talk about God's goodness and shared a lot of laughs. My cheeks are still aching. I cleaned up the kitchen and put the girls to bed and finally crashed in bed to watch Revenge.

I am blogging on my iPad tonight. I started out thinking this was the best thing ever but now my fingers hurt and there's a ton of spelling mistakes I'll need to fix so I'm not as impressed as I was at the beginning. Then Ian tells me I could have dictated this entire post to Siri and she would have typed it in for me. Next time, Siri...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!



  1. I missed out on the Turkey-Twitter-Talk or else I would have tried to help you! I'm so ready for our American Thanksgiving!

  2. Hope you can get your pictures done soon and that Ian's ear starts to feel better!! I will be praying about that!! My turkey was 17lbs...I would have been messed up by kg's too!! :) Enjoy your day off today!!

  3. seriously need to brine your next turkey. It is the ONLY way to cook a turkey and it cooks in about 2.5 hours! Soooooo delicious. I will never ever cook a turkey another way. (My Gram and I will be doing an entire turkey dinner soon! Including the brined now you'll have it for next year!)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from your non-Canadian friend!