Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16 ~ 5QF

I am looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing. Sleeping in, lazing about, napping in the afternoon....
My reality will be more like helping to organize the garage, rearranging some furniture to make room for our Christmas tree, laundry, and church.
But holding out hope for a nap...
This week my mom and I went out for dinner to celebrate Diwali as we do each year. Of course, we aren't celebrating Diwali as much as we're just enjoying a reason to go out for dinner together.
Wednesday was the Open House at the high school Sam is desperately wanting to attend. I have my course every Wednesday, so my mom came to watch Julie and the little ones, while  Ian and Sam headed over to the school. Only 22 students are accepted into the media program, and Sam is longing to be one of them.
I can't believe that we're discussing high schools already. Wasn't he a baby just last week...?
Ok. I can't sit here chatting you up any longer - I need to get my butt to work!

Welcome to Five Question Friday!!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am hosting this week's Five Question Friday for Mama M at My Little Life, while she and her darling daughter Belle enjoy themselves at Disney World.

Rules for 5QF:  Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, LINK UP with the linky thinky at the bottom of this post! Mama M would love to link to you in a future 5QF, so head on over to her community or watch for her Thursday afternoon shout outs for questions on Twitter and offer up your best question suggestions! Remember to @5crookedhalos her and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)

Special thanks to this week's contributors: MrsKarenC (@mrs_karenC) at Dinosaur Superhero Mommy, Maranda (@MarandaLamping) at Maranda Lamping, Brooke (@HallBro) who doesn't have a blog it seems. (Get on that, Brooke!), Kristina (@Kristinascackle) at Kristina's Cackles and Ashley (@ashleywbeck) at The Court of Three Sisters.

Lovely women.

Make sure you check them out!

On to the questions!

1} What snack/drinks do you eat at the movies?

I like popcorn or plain M&Ms. I'll bring my own diet pepsi with me because I can't stand the concession stand prices. I have this one friend that CANNOT STAND it when I pop the tab on my can. She thinks I'm the cheapest person ever.

2} What's one food you refuse to ever try?

Oysters. They sound gross and they look gross and I'm just betting they taste gross too.

3} What's your favourite nail polish color?

I love Expresso by Sally Hansen. I've recently discovered Essie and the rainbow of beautiful colours, but I haven't chosen a favourite Essie yet. I have been really enjoying the darker colours but Ian can't stand them. I'm wearing something orangey-pinky and he likes that.

Next week it's grey... prepare yourself Ian.

4} What is your favourite Thanksgiving tradition?

We just had our Thanksgiving last month and I'm jealous that the US is about to have theirs. We don't have any particular traditions. Just a beautifully cooked bird and precious time around the table together.

5} What are your least favorite words in the English language?

My #1 least favourite word is "share". I have serious sharing issues. I also don't like "meal" or "slacks".

That's a wrap for this week! Don't forget to link up below!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Anonymous6:12 a.m.

    that's not;s almost common sense nowadays with how expensive everything is. Sometimes I bring my own soda or's the sensible thing to do.

    Oh yeah, oyster are gross...I tried it once but will never eat a raw oyster again.

    Thanks for hosting.

  2. I am allergic to seafood so oysters would definitely be out

  3. Hooray for Thanksgiving! Hey- here's an about you come to MI and celebrate Thanksgiving with your favorite aunt and your favorite blogger buddy! YES! Fantastic idea, Sandy!

  4. Eeewww. Oysters. I forgot about those. I probably wouldn't try them. Shudder.