Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving & Stuff

Things at the office were very stressful this past week. I can't go into specifics, but each day had new difficulties and stresses and by the time Friday rolled around I was d-o-n-e.  I've never lost my temper at the office, but I felt like I was close to it. I am overwhelmed with my workload and responsibilities and I don't know how much longer I can keep it up. I really want to do a good job but I'm running down.
So many tears on Friday night.
I have to have a difficult - but necessary - conversation with my boss this week but I feel so emotional about it.

Ian, Sam and Jules went to youth group on Friday night and I hung out with Jordan and Mattie. I wanted to do something fun with them but my spirits were just so beaten down.
Precious time lost.

This weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I love Thanksgiving like you wouldn't believe.
Saturday we went up north to have dinner with Ian's parents and yesterday I cooked dinner at my mom's.
Today we just hung around in our pjs feeling fat.
I slept in, then had a nap. Now 3/4 of the kids are in bed, and I'm watching The Blacklist.

Yesterday I went to Weight Watchers to weigh in and I've lost another 2.5 lbs. That's 44.2 overall. My coworkers have noticed my weight loss and have been very complimentary and encouraging.
It's weird... I've been bummed that no one has noticed, but now that they have I feel... self conscious. I don't want people to be watching me, you know?
It's easy to feel overwhelmed by how far I still have to go so I set small goals to keep myself motivated. My next goal is to reach 50 lbs. I think once I get there, I'll start to feel as though I've really done something, you know?
But... I thought I'd feel that way at 40 lbs. And at 30.. Still, 50 would be a big deal.

Ok. I need to start winding down for the night. Hopefully this week will be easier than last. And it's a short week, so that's even better.

Goodnight :-)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. praying for your conversation with your boss!

  3. My goodness need to be PROUD of yourself!! 44 lbs????? That's some amazing work you've done! How did this week go? Feeling more upbeat? Miss you...