Sunday, December 10, 2006


That's what I imagine the sound of being spit out of a whale's belly sounds like.

I got a job!!

I'll start at the beginning....

On Saturday Nov 25th I submitted my resume for a Collections Specialist position. The next day we were sitting down to dinner with my mother to celebrate her birthday when the phone rang. I don't like to answer the phone during dinner so I let it go. It was a woman about the job I applied to the day before!! On a Sunday! I left her a message after dinner saying I would call her the next day.

Well - I forgot to bring her number with me to work the next day AND I had deleted the message by mistake! So I left a message for her when I got him and she called back during dinner and we talked and she asked to meet me the next day. So on the 28th I met with her and it was one of the oddest interviews I've ever been at. She didn't ask me about any of my successes or failures, strengths or weaknesses. Just about my job, how I did it, how many accounts I had, what my collection style was and she wrote everything down word for word. Then all of a sudden, 20 minutes into the interview she packed up all her things and said she liked that I'd been at my company for 10 years, liked my resume and liked me, so would I come back on Dec 2 (Friday) and meet with the Accounting Manager and the Operations Manager. Sure!

While I was waiting in reception for my second interview to start I was chatting with a couple of the men there and we were joking. It was pleasant. Well, once the interview started with the two managers, at the last second one of them men I was chatting with joined the interview as well and it turns out he was one of the owners!

The first half of the interview was really slow. Again, no questions about my strengths or weaknesses, just one question about my successes. The second half of the interview was like an interrogation once the owner started! LOL. There was a lot of smiling and nodding at my answers and I felt ok about the meeting once it was over.

On Dec 5th they offered me the position. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't wanted to get my hopes up. There were two areas I needed clarification on and they met me on those, so on Dec 8th I accepted their offer. They would like me to come in between Christmas and New Year's for orientation so I am ready to go on Jan 2.

I am still in shock but I'm excited. A fresh start! I can leave the bad experiences of this company behind me and start over!! Tomorrow I will submit my resignation and I truly can hardly wait! Part of me thinks that they will be pleased to see me go. It doesn't matter - it's the right step to take at the right time. God has really taken care of me and this situation.

God is so incredibly faithful and good to me. This situation has His hands all over it and I am so grateful for how He has brought it about. I am so blessed.

Thank you, Father.


  1. Anonymous9:43 p.m.


    I'm so pumped for you Katie!

  2. WOOHOO!!!!

    I'm so pumped for you Katie!