Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Emotionally Spent

It's only Wednesday and I am exhausted.

Monday I submitted my resignation to the manager. To say he was surprised would be a major understatement. I told the team afterwards and they were just as shocked.

Tuesday I had my exit interview. The manager said he was sad to see me go and that it would be difficult to find someone of my calibre to replace me. That was nice to hear. We talked about how I felt about being passed over for the promotion given to my coworker and what that meant for me career-wise. He was very supportive and even asked if he could say something at our department lunch tomorrow and I requested that he didn't. I am not good at goodbyes.

Lots of people have been calling, emailing or coming by my desk to express their sadness at my departure and excitement at my opportunity. That's been really nice. I am much more emotional than I thought I would be. I hope my skin is thicker by the time my last day rolls around.

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