Sunday, September 13, 2009

Too Tired To Think Of A Catchy Title

In the toddler world, if twos are "terrible", the threes are "terrific and the fours are "fabulous"...what are the ones?

Ornery, is my guess.

I don't know what has gotten into my adorable 17 month old, but she's been a handful these last few days. It's like she has PMS. She had a huge tantrum at my mom's on Friday that lasted almost an hour. But then the rest of the day she was her usual delightful self. Then yesterday morning she freaked out like no one's business just because I put her in her playpen so I could finish doing something without her underfoot.

When I say freaking out, feel free to envision a little person kicking her feet and writhing around all while peppered with ear shattering levels of wailing.

I was so surprised that I just stood there, watching. If I knew where our video camera was - or how to use it for that matter - I would have taped the whole thing. No one who knows this little girl would believe it.

She will be all happy and smiley until someone looks at her - or heaven forbid touches her - well that's all it takes for the waterworks to start. It's getting a little embarrassing. It's like she has PMS. I don't remember Sam or Julie being this touchy.

I am too old for this.

Oh, but how I love her. This stage will pass.

Ian is on retreat with the Jr/Sr Highs from our church, so it's been just the children and me. Friday night we camped out in the living room and ate pizza and ice cream while watching Over The Hedge and Wipeout.

Saturday morning we headed up to the retreat for the afternoon. The children were so excited to see their dad. Ian had printed mapquest directions for me so we were all set. I was originally going to follow my friend up there but we were leaving at different times. We ended up leaving a little later than planned and after a quick stop to pick up some McD's for lunch, we were off. About a 1/3 of the way into our trip, my friend pulled up beside me and waved. Whew! Now I knew for sure I wasn't going to get lost! We followed her right to the camp, easy peasy.

After a quick tour of the building and dorms, the children took off to play on the trampoline and climbing wall. Eventually they put on their bathing suits and played in the lake. Julie went canoeing with one of the youth leaders and Sam swung back and forth over the water on a rope swing. The water was freezing but somehow kids don't seem to notice that part!

I tried my hand at archery and really liked it. It's a lot easier than I thought and I can't believe it's an Olympic event.

What would a great day outdoors be without an injury??

Julie and Sam were playing on the trampoline and somehow Sam accidentally jumped on Julie's head, and ended up ripping out her earring.


We had planned to stay for dinner, something that has stressed me out for months. The man who runs the camp used to be homeless and cannot stand food that is wasted. Therefore he has a simple rule: take as much as you'd like, but eat what you take.

Simple right?

You'd think so, but my children can be very picky eaters so I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I reminded them and reminded them, eat what is on your plate because I don't want this guy getting cross with us. Dinner was chicken, rice and mixed vegetables.

I knew they'd eat the chicken, Julie loves rice, and kids eat vegetables.

Sam managed to avoid the rice, but was called back by one of the youth leaders to have veggies.

My gang will eat green beans, carrots, corn and under duress, peas. That's about it. I'm not one of those moms that make them eat cauliflower or broccoli.

Guess what was the main component of the mixed vegetables? Cauliflower and broccoli!!

It started with Ian giving me all his veggies except his carrots. Then, Julie gave me hers but kept the broccoli and carrots, Sam gave me all of his except his carrots.

I was full of veggies let me tell you. I think some other kid further down the table might have slipped me his veggies too.

After dinner we walked around for a bit then watched a volleyball game - leaders vs the kids. We headed off at 7.

We camped out again in the living room but there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on. Jordan woke up crying and screaming, but it was really strange because it was almost as though she wasn't truly awake. I think she might be experiencing night terrors because this was her second night in a row doing this. Julie was up crying because her ear was hurting and she couldn't sleep.

I am exhausted this morning. I think I'm going to have to take Julie to a walk-in clinic to have her ear looked at. She's walking a little off balance and seems to be feeling unwell over all.

We missed church. Again. :-(

Ian should be home in an hour or two, then the house will feel like home again :-)


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