Friday, November 06, 2009

5QF - Nov 6th

It's Friday!

Can I get a woot woot?


Oh yeah...that's what I'm talkin' about :-)

And y'all know what happens around these parts on Friday don't you?

That's right! Mama M's Five Question Friday!

Here I go :-)

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

1. What is your dream job?

I've got it - I'm a Stay At Home Mom. It is definitely the best job I have ever had in my life and I enjoy every minute of it. I mean it. Every minute. My husband supports and encourages me daily, my children love having me here and I am happy.

2. What song could you play over and over?

Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas. I canNOT get enough of that song and I sing along and make incredibly lame super cool hand gestures and my butt gets going and I sing into my hairbrush microphone. I imagine that I am a fantastic dancer and there is no room in my dancing fantasy for any reality whatsoever.

3. Do you prefer to talk on the phone or text (or email)?

I really, truly do not enjoy talking on the phone and I feel anxious when I hear it ring. I love email like you wouldn't believe. I love getting it and sending it. I love how fast it is. I lurve it. And I always answer my email.

I also love getting text messages. Usually they are from my extremely talented and beautiful friend Jen. I don't send very many even though I can send 125 each month with my cell phone plan. But as I learned very quickly, it is incredibly easy to reach that and then exceed it and freak out my darling husband when the bill comes in. Therefore I may send about five a week.

4. What is your must have beauty product?

I don't have one. I don't wear make-up and that isn't because I'm this uber mom who is so busy cooking and cleaning and caring for her children. Oh no, friends. It's because I am lazy and I'm not entirely sure I know what I'm doing. With my luck I'd leave my house looking like Katie Fay Baker. Every so often I'd like to wear lipstick but then it would get on my mug or or Jordan's face or wear off or even worse - someone might acknowledge it. "Oh! You're wearing lipstick!" Ugh. No thank you.

I have no skin care regimen or wrinkle combat plan. Just me, some water and a bar of Ivory soap.

5. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and Smooth Criminal. As sad as I am at his passing, it's been really fun hearing his old stuff playing on the radio again. When Smooth Criminal comes on the radio the party starts. If I'm in the van, I'll open the window and crank it. Oh yeah, cruisin' in the mini-van is underrated.

And that's a wrap! Happy Friday, friends!



  1. Kate and I hate the phone...woohoo!! Guess I won't be calling ya..:-)

  2. OMG! I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE Boom Boom Pow. I always turn it up in the car when it comes on. It makes me wish I could dance!

  3. Love the dancing visual.. LOL! You crack me up girl

    I am not much of a make up girl either...just mascara and I am set for the day :)

  4. YAY another phone hater! Also - Boom Boom Pow, I love it as well!

  5. You are hee-larious!!! I love it! The BEP's are good for getting the par-tay started!

  6. My little guy loves Boom Boom Pow. I will have to find the video my husband posted and put it up on my blog. It's HYSTERICAL!! Thou I guess I am a little partial to him. Have a great weekend!

  7. a) I am totally out of touch with music these days (wow that makes me sound old) and...
    b) I hate the phone too. Sucks for me because my hub loves to yak on the phone the entire drive home from work.

  8. I do the same thing in the van, the kids love!

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Not much make-up here, either, and I'm with ya on the simple soap and water regimen!

  10. I could have written this list. Were we separated at birth??

    Laugh Out Loud Funny Stuff here!


  11. Oh my gosh, I totally missed this post! Thank you for the lovely compliment, my beautiful friend!

    Miss you, and hope to see you on Wednesday!

  12. I do the same thing in the van, the kids love!

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing!