Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Weekend Made Me Tired

Seriously. I've been ready for bed since 5:10 this afternoon.

Ian had the day off on Friday but he was out for most of the day running errands. Jordan and I hung out and played with Willow while Sam and Jules were at school.

Friday nights are our Family Nights and we always pick up a pizza and watch a movie together. We've been doing this for years. Our feature for the night was Gremlins.

Aww Gizmo..

I had never seen the whole movie before. I only watched to the first time Stripe was mean to Gizmo then I felt so bad I cried and couldn't watch the rest. So imagine my JOY when that was our movie for the night. (For the record, I watched it this time without shedding a single tear.)

Saturday we went to Square One so we could be robbed blind by the Sony store on the price of a new lamp-bulb-thing for Ian's big screen tv that blew the night before. We had no one to leave Willow with so he came shopping with us. We put him in the basket of Jordan's stroller which he didn't think too much of.

Afterwards I browsed around the Coach store. I saw only one bag I really liked and it was $189.00. Ha. I can't believe people would pay that much for a purse. I didn't like any of the others at all. I do believe my crush on Coach is now officially over.

After the mall, we all headed to my favourite park so we could let Willow run free.

Jordan loves her brother but isn't so hot on Willow at all. Sam was constantly trying to keep him from jumping on her.

Here is Jordan wearing the hair clippie I won from Keely's blog.

So cute.

Between me feeling lousy and Ian being exhausted from getting up with Willow so much during the night, we missed church again today.

Later this morning, I took Willow for a walk and stopped to talk to my neighbours for about 40 minutes. I like that I'm meeting more of them.

Ian, Sam and Jordan headed off to the mall for a bit, leaving Julie and me at home. She ended up playing outside with Willow and her friends so I had the house to myself.

Oh my dear friends, it was heavenly.

Would you like to know what I did with my time?

I fired up my glue gun and tried my hand at bow-making.

Here is the front of my first bow ever...

And the back...

The back looks a bit rough but considering it was my first attempt at using a glue gun ever, I'm pretty impressed with myself. I even lined the alligator clip.

FYI, the glue in a hot glue gun is hot. We don't need to discuss the number of times I got it on myself. Oh no, we certainly don't.

I wondered if the first one might be too big so I tried a smaller one...

So now I have a bow for Jules and one for Jordan.

Julie and I took Willow for a walk along the ravine, then she helped me with the grocery shopping. I love it when she comes because she unloads the cart for me, puts the bags in the cart, then returns it when everything is in the car. Love her. Apparently I love child labour too because I don't try too hard to stop her from helping so much.

When we got to the car I was very annoyed to see that someone had parked their car about four inches from mine, and it was impossible for Julie to open her door to get in. So, I ripped off a piece of paper from something in the car, wrote a very un-Christian-like note and put it on their windshield. Very un-characteristic of me.

Oh I love thee.

So that's it, folks. My uber exciting weekend.

The end.



  1. I love the bow!!! I think you need to make some more and do a giveaway so I can win one =-)

  2. I love seeing pics of your family Kate, although you were missing a child..but that's ok..Love the clippie in Jordan's cute..Edyn will NOT leave clippies in her hair anymore..a total pisser..oh well!

    Dude love the bows you cute..I love the orange!

    I miss me some Kate!

  3. Okay...TOTALLY impressed!! I smell a giveaway brewing?!?!?! And I must add, Willow is adorable...even if he is a dog! ;)

  4. Great job on the bow!!

  5. I am so proud! Your bow looks awesome!! I think (like the other girls said) you need to do a giveaway with your bows! Love it.

    Have a good monday... talk to ya later on

  6. Amanda ~ I'll keep practicing!

    Keely ~ I don't often get pictures of my son so when I do I have to share! My older daughter loves having her picture taken but I have to keep things fair ;-)

    Mama M ~ I have to keep working on them before I dare host a giveaway. I was looking at the pic again just now and I think I covered the wrong side of the clip. Why am I not surprised?

    Jen ~ Thanks!

    Tyler ~ And a big thanks to you too!

  7. Anonymous3:35 p.m.

    great bow-making -lol- and totally amazing pictures!! <><

  8. The bows you made are so pretty! You may have read on my blog about me taking up bow making when my insomnia is ruining my sleep. I'm having problems making the bows with tails (like your beautiful bows with tails!!!) Can you email me your secret?! Pretty please!!! I'm going to be posting some pics of the bows I've made soon:) Smiles to you:)

  9. Ok I just got tired reading your post! Wow you guys did a lot! And so jealous that you had the whole house to yourself! I would not know what to do!! And cute bow and pics!

  10. Looks like fun! Cutie pie bow! And even cuter puppy! And the CUTEST are the KIDS!!

  11. Looks like fun! Cutie pie bow! And even cuter puppy! And the CUTEST are the KIDS!!

  12. great bow-making -lol- and totally amazing pictures!! <><