Monday, April 05, 2010

Oops. My Bad

I thought I survived April Fool's Day.

Sam didn't get me like he'd been threatening to all year.

Ian, my big trickster, didn't get me. Oh no...I was on high alert.

Julie tried...but I was on to her pretty fast.

Nope. I was s-a-f-e and I made it through my first April Fool's Day in many, many years unscathed.

Or...did I?

No I did not.

I was fooled by MSN News. They did a fake news story about how Canada purchased half of Hawaii.

Did this seem odd to me? We purchased only half of it?? No. I was all excited because now I could go there without the hassle of a passport. I could live there without having to get a Visa. I could sit on the beach sipping girly drinks while watching LOST film.

Ian overheard me telling a friend on Skype about it and set me straight.

Talk about a letdown.


My bad.



  1. LMBO... well keely fell for it too then bc I remember yall talking about it. I was thinking seriously?!!? Why would they sell half of hawaii? LOL to funny!

  2. Wouldnt that be awesome if the US purchased one half and Canada the other? We could be neighbors their!