Wednesday, April 07, 2010

You Asked And He Answered ~ Part Two

Ian is back to answer more of your Ask Him Anything questions.

Are you ready?

Let's go!

~ Part Two ~

Laura from The Bignell Family asked: Would you have more kids if you could?

As much as I know it saddens Katie, I wouldn’t. I’ve always been a believer in quality over quantity and I don’t agree with the notion that “there’s always enough love”. Of course there’s enough love, but with 3 wonderful kids, horse-dog, a cat, guinea pig, and bird, I find there’s not nearly enough time for Ian-Kate. Before I was “Dad”, I was “hubby Ian”, which I hope to be again when Kids 1,2,3 leave the nest. But burned out Dad and exhausted Kate do not a happy home make... for Mom, Dad, or Kids 1,2,3. There’s more to my thinking but that’s as far as I’ll go for now.

Do you have a hobby?

Many, but further to the previous question, many I’ve had to let go of since becoming Dad of 3 amazing kids. Golf, other sports, hangin’ with the guys, travel, etc have given way to dog walks, homework helping, project-doing, etc. Now my main indulgence is being an overgrown gamer after kiddies and wife have gone to bed. I enjoy writing and have forever been working on a book but can rarely get into the headspace to continue just now – but I remain hopeful. Mind you, I still manage to squeeze in some photography and the occasional graphic design project for fun.

How did you ask Kate to marry you?

Alas, this one is a longer story than I could fully detail here. Suffice to say it was well thought out and as promised to my girlfriend-at-the-time Kate, the timing was a complete surprise. The full scenario included cooperation from 2 friends including one in Germany, my future mother-in-law, a fictional restaurant that we never got to, 13 roses, a purple pillow, and a well-acted temper tantrum. (An Oscar? Why THANK you!)

What's your favorite TV show?

Tied between a couple but one of the really geeky things about me is a huge love of all things superhero (good triumphs over evil). As such the few I’ll name are Smallville, Supernatural, The Office (which is based on my own experience), and The Mentalist.

How do you feel about socks with sandals?

Hate ‘em…. But not enough to stage a protest.

Do you know your wife wants to move to MN?

Move… no. Visit…. Yes, I do know that.

Thanks Laura!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Cop Mama asked: Would you ever vlog? ;-)

If asked, possibly.

Thanks Cop Mama!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Tyler from Just Another Day In OUR Paradise asked: Well in response to laura I was going to tell you she told me that North Carolina had the best weather around so really she was going to pack yall up and head down here.. are you ok with that Ian? ;) JK (well kind of...)

Personally, I love the Carolinas… love the climate, the people, the general mood. Shame both Carolinas are in the U.S….. JK (well kind of…)

What is your fav. meal that Mrs Kate cooks?

Kate makes both a mean stew and a world-famous shepherd’s pie.

Are all her baking projects as yummy as they look (and if they are could you please help her come up with a way to ship them so I can try them out..)

Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately there are also some processed baked goods that I love (Wal-mart sells an amazing oatmeal raisin cookie that deliciously incorporates cinnamon) and Kate too often feels in competition with these chemical-induced concoctions. Honey, there’s room in mah belly for both!

Do you cringe when you see people out in public with their pj's on?

Cringe.. no. I laugh, shake my head, and take photos on my iPhone for my beautiful Kate to blog about. Remember the rule... it's okay to laugh but rude to point.

Thanks Tyler!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Keely from Mannland5 asked: How did you two meet?

Waaay long story. Shortest version I can offer is we actually originally “met” on a phone chat site (which ironically I DON’T endorse…. I consider us an exception to the rule) and after falling in love with the way she made me laugh and her adorable quirks (high fiving HERSELF when she said something witty), not to mention her super-sexy voice, we met, talked, and I never looked back from there.

Thanks Keely!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Mama M from My Little Life asked: Can I have Kate?

Definitely not… it’s hard enough for ME to get time with her away from all you girls and the laptop!

Is she always so spot on funny?

I’d be lying if I said yes. Like anyone else, she’s sometimes up, sometimes down. Sometimes funny, sometimes way too serious. But she does make me laugh like nobody else.

Will you let Kate come to Minnesota to visit me? Please? Pretty, pretty please?

Probably… but once we have some other “boats” in order. Is that fair enough?

Thanks Mama M!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Amanda from I Am Mommy asked: Lets see... if your wife asked you to drive her to Minnesota for a party held in her honor, would you say yes? Cause I do have your address. And I know people who know people. Just sayin.

Probably wouldn’t drive or come with her… we have differing philosophies on things like that. But see previous answer regarding her coming.

Thanks Amanda!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


Stay tuned for Part Three!!

Thanks for playing along, Ian! xo xo



  1. A part 3!?! Best news ever!! Seriously I LOVE reading these, Ian you are awesome no wonder you guys are perfect for each know since Kate is so awesome too. :)

    I totally agree with the more kids thing, quality is important!

    Someday we really need to hear the proposal, you really can't leave us hanging like that.

    I can't wait for your vlog!! Woohoo :)

    Totally laughed at the 'well kind of' response to Tyler, funny!

    Why does it not surprise me that Kate highfives herself!? ;)

    Thanks again Ian, you're such a great sport!

  2. I feel like the whole state of Minnesota is calling your name, Kate!

  3. Anonymous4:04 p.m.

    Nice to hear from Mr. Kate ;)

  4. awww I love me some Ian!! Kate he is perfect for you.. you are def. two peas in a pod! He had some great answer and yes I agree with Laura the proposal story is def. in order.. pretty please!

    Kate you must give me your recipe for shepherds pie. I luuuurve that stuff and have never made it myself. I promise I will my best to make it super yummy :)

    oh yea.. PS thanks for saying those wonderful things about the carolinas! I tend to agree but I may be a bit partial. And one more thing.. my husband feels the same way about the laptop consuming so much of my time. I try to get most of it out before he gets home and then as you know.. get off of it a little early.

    Have a great day.. to both of you!

  5. With all the people who want you to live near them, I'd just like to remind you that I'd do your laundry if you lived closer to me.

    And I <3 Ian too - he seems like a pretty alright dude.

  6. So cool! The best was the nutshell version of your Kate, when do we hear the WHOLE story? Or did you tell it already in a previous post???

  7., when do you get to buy the ticket? Hmmm? When?!!!!

    I need some!

  8. Kate, your husband writes so intelligently. It's great (that is inadequate actually, but all I can muster at this hour).

    Can I tack on a question here for Ian?

    Ian, I often think my husband is funniest when he isn't trying to be, what is something Kate does that you find amusing even when your amusement wasn't her intent?

    One more...If you could do anything in the world and get paid for it, what would it be (workwise...for clarification purposes).