Friday, May 14, 2010

I Am Having A Fantastic Day! And By Fantastic, I Mean Horrible

It is currently 12:45 pm. So far, my day has looked like this.

6:30am ~ two year old crawls into bed with us

7:00am ~ dog starts whining and will.not.stop.

7:30am ~ get dressed and head out to Walmart to get the milk and diapers I was too lazy to get last night

8:10am ~ walk Willow around the block

8:20am ~ throw in a load of laundry

8:30am ~ send children and Ian off to their day

8:45am ~ wash dishes and bask in the glow of motivation

9:10am ~ clean up dog barf from carpet

9:15am ~ clean up dog diarrhea from carpet

9:30am ~ scrub my hands raw because I am sure I got poop on them

10:00am ~ cuddle up with Jordan and watch last night's Greys Anatomy and share popcorn

11:20am ~ clean up dog diarrhea

11:30am ~ take Willow outside. See my new neighbour's dog running loose and no neighbour. Tired of this dog piddling on my grass. Willow lunges at her dog and my arm is almost ripped out of its socket. See the owner finally and ask her (for the third time) to please keep her dog on a leash. She screams at me like she's going to rip my throat out. I think she was frothing at the mouth.

11:40am ~ call Management office to report the dog

11:45 ~ take Willow out again

11:50 ~ carry a half-asleep Jordan up to her crib for nap time

12:00pm ~ ice my shoulder and pout on the couch

12:22pm ~ rinse dog barf off my front porch

12:30pm ~ toss in a second load of laundry

12:45pm ~ whine on my blog

I'd like a do-over please. This day is not going very well so far. It has to get better, right?



/end rant



  1. aww! So sorry you are having a crumby day! Whats up with willow? Did he get ahold of something that upset his stomach or what?!? Poor thing!

    On the uphill at least you got some snuggles from Jordan and caught up on Greys ;)

    Praying for a better afternoon for you. (((YOU)))

  2. Anonymous1:21 p.m.

    aw :( I'm sorry miss Kate! Here's to hoping the afternoon turns around! Treat yourself to something sweet, like ice cream! ;)

  3. That does not sound fun at all :(

    As for the dog...our vet (he's holistic) told us to feed our dog only cooked plain white rice until the vomiting and diarrhea stops. Then you can introduce the regular food back slowly. Hope that helps.

  4. Oh, dang! I'm sorry!!

    But...I had a good giggle at your

    /end rant

    Spoken like a true blogger!

    (Hugs) lot's and lot's of hugs for ((((YOU))))

  5. hope your day got better!!!

  6. And then after that, you spoke to me and all was good in the world again! ;o)

    I hope Willow is better...poor dude.


  7. Oh My Lord - I think I would have taken the sick dog to my neighbor's house (ahem, THAT neighbor), and crawl back in bed with the kids. That totally sounds like a good solution, no?

    Hope your weekend was much better!

  8. I hope you are doing better now that's it's a few days later!

    Hope your dog is doing better too.

  9. Oh girl... I AM SORRY!! At least there was a moment of joy in there... when you got to cuddle your baby girl!

    Hope that Willow is better soon!


  10. Oh no, that doesn't sound like a very fun morning. I hope Willow is doing better. And your neighbor, well I hope she steps in dog poop. :)