Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things Kids Do That I Don't Understand ~ Take One

I have this thing about toilet paper. I like to have it.

A lot of it.

It's not something that I particularly like to run out of. Recently, our local grocery store had toilet paper on sale, so I stocked up.

Like normal folk, I will put a roll on the holder and when it's empty I will replace it.

But not my children.

Oh no.

Apparently they like to display all of it for some reason.

I don't understand why.

We do have room underneath the sink to store it.

But no.

They keep pulling it out and stacking it for the world to see.

It does make me laugh though...

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  1. Haha! How creative! I find this funny. It certainly gives you something to think about while you're, ehem.. sitting there. Like "I hope this tower of TP doesn't come falling down on me."

  2. Hysterical!
    Mine just keep managing to drop rolls INTO the toilet.

  3. hahahaha.. to funny!

  4. Love it! They're quite creative with the stacking..;-)

  5. Haha so cute! They are very creative! Its art!

  6. That's just hilarious! It's kinda like (but kinda not too) Drew when he cleans his room. He organizes the clutter on his dresser. It's not cleaned up looking....just looks like clutter in a row. But, he likes it!

  7. Haha so cute! They are very creative! Its art!