Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today was absolutely awesome.

Warm and sunny after a week of cold rain.

Such a blessing.

Ian and I took the children and Willow over to a nearby rec centre to play some basketball and to let Wills run off-leash for a bit. Watching him run full out in the sun just made me so happy.

Ian played basketball with Sam and Julie while I hung out with Jordan at the park. It looked closer than it was, and I thought I'd die walking there, but she loved it. There was a skate park there as well, and the kids exhausted themselves running up the ramps.

Afterwards we picked up some lunch to bring home, and Jordan and I took very long naps this afternoon.

Hamburgers on the grill for dinner, and a quiet evening together.

I didn't think about work at all today.

I didn't think about the stress and uncertainty we are enduring these days.

I just enjoyed being with the family I am so deeply in love with, and thanking the Lord for giving me such a full and beautiful life.

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday too.




  1. Lady Katie! How I love this post! I love great family days like just fills my heart!~

  2. Yep, but mine consisted more of getting fried while watching my dear children play baseball/softball and rejoicing in their successes and talking through their failures with them. Love it! I wouldn't trade this stage for nothing!