Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update On Sam

Sunday night already. Why oh why must the weekends pass by so quickly?

Just a quick update on Sam: Ian met with two police officers the other day to discuss the issue with this kid in Sam's class. Long story short, they can't really do anything right now. But... when this kid turns 12 it's a different story. Apparently if he was already 12, the police would have charged him and he'd be expelled from the school. So, we wait.

We were under the impression that this kid had a 2-day suspension but that wasn't true. He was back at school on Friday and back to punching Sam and calling him dirty names. Now Ian is angry. He called the principal and she's going to "investigate" and make calls on Monday. Ian told her he expects a call on Monday and wants this stopped now.

Go Ian GO!

In other Sam news, he sprained his ankle on Friday night at youth group. I wanted him to see a doctor on Saturday just to rule out anything really serious, so Ian took him to the walk-in clinic, who then sent him to the hospital. They took an x-ray but nothing was fractured and said it was just a sprain. He's been hobbling around on crutches all weekend.

My No-So-Proud-Mommy-Moment? I told Sam that if this kid cornered him and started hitting him, and he couldn't get away, hit him with a crutch.

Oh yeah. I said it.

Scold me if you need to, but I don't regret it. I want to smack that kid myself!

That's it for now. Hope you had a beautiful Palm Sunday :-)



  1. I would have told Isabelle the same thing! You can only "be the bigger person" for so long. At some point you have to stand up for yourself or everyone will start to treat you that way!

  2. WOW! That's such a tough call. It's so hard to think of someone hurting your child. I'd want to kick some arse myself!

  3. Yes and Yes to Amanda and Sandy! Dontcha want to corner this kid in a back alley and scare the living daylights out of him? And to think...what kind of an adult is he going to grow up to be?

    Ugh...some people's kids...

  4. While that's probably borderline wrong BUT your kid has to protect himself. If this kid has become that aggresive and there's nothing being done, then he's gotta do what he's gotta do as long as he knows that you and his dad are behind him. It sucks that life has to be that way sometimes. Makes me wonder what this kid's parents are like.

  5. Poor Sam! Use that crutch and beat him down! Pretty sure that's just called self-defense! (Hmmm...over-protective mama here much?)
    Hope you have a great week! Happy Palm Sunday! Can't wait for EASTER!!!

  6. 12 Can't come soon enough for mean boy to get a message.

  7. long until he's 12?! And, I'm right there with you....tell Sam to hit him with the crutch....right on the knee cap!