Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christmas In February

One of the simple things that gives me a thrill is seeing the postman's little mail car pull up and stop in front of my house.

Like he did this past Monday morning.

What did he have, you ask?

Well, he had two packages for yours truly.


So exciting!

The top package was from my sweet friend Amy from Mac or Cheesy.

Girl Guide cookies! I have heard much about the wonders of the Thin Mint cookie and Amy convinced me to let her send me a box. When I say convinced I mean she twisted my rubber arm.

Thank you Amy! They were delicious!

And the next box came from my sweet friend Melissa from My Scrumptious Treats.

Let's look inside :-)

Something for the children too!


These mini ones are Jordan's favourites...

And these are my favourites...

This was the biggest bag of M&Ms I've ever seen. It's resealable. Resealable!

Julie's favourites...

And mini packages in each of the children's bags.

What fun!

Amy and Melissa - thank you so much for your kindness! I love you both to bits and pieces! Thanks for loving on us like this!



  1. oh man, all those m&m's and i am not there to share them

  2. I take great pleasure in knowing I was the first. (Wait. Was I?) ;)
    Enjoy...we have the coconut M&M's in egg shapes this year...they need to toss an almond in those coconut M&M's and then? Oh the angels in heaven will sing...

  3. Love getting stuff in the mail.. I had a post about this two days ago.. I am tired of the weird winter weather too... Happy to have stumbled across your blog.