Friday, May 25, 2012

5QF ~ May 25

Friday! Friday! Friday!


I woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday then realized it was Friday and I almost cried in happiness!

Considering this was only a four day work week, this week went by very slowly. Work continues to get busier and busier. I'm seeing the results of my work though, so that's a very positive thing.

Just when I think Ian and I couldn't have any more bad luck... we get more bad luck. We got another hit this week and it knocked us off our feet. We have no choice but to get back up again, but I'll be honest with you... it's getting harder and harder each time.

I am bottom-of-my-soul grateful for my sisters in Christ that continue to pray on our behalf, especially in the last couple of days when I just couldn't.


So I mentioned five weeks ago how our van died and it was towed home. It's been sitting in our driveway all this time. Remember I mentioned our dear friends who loaned us their van? Well we're buying it from them! It has working air conditioning which we've been so excited to have. We've been without it in our van for a few years now, which was bad enough on its own, but the passenger window wouldn't open anymore so it was like an OVEN in there. Not only does the air conditioning work extremely well (I have it blowing on me all the way to work and home again thank you very much) but ALL the windows open. It's wonderful. Oh, and the trunk? Big enough to put three bodies in there! ..

Not that I would actually put a body in there, just sayin.

There's no way we could afford all the repairs needed for our van, nor could we afford to have it certified, so Ian started calling wreckers this week to see how much they'd pay for it. Yesterday he got a very high offer and the guy came today to pick it up.

When I was leaving this morning, Ian teased me and said I should go say goodbye to the van. I surprised myself by tearing up and saying "No way. I feel like we're letting go of everything we have and I don't feel like doing it anymore."

"Letting go of the old, so we can accept God's new." He said.


And here I sit, feeling teary about our van. Lame. Truth is, tears are always right beneath the surface and fall at the slightest thing.

Can I tell you something? I'm really afraid for our future. I know that as a Christian I'm not to be afraid, but oh... I am. I don't know how much longer I can endure this season before I completely break. I'm tired and afraid.

Don't tell anyone I said that. I tend to put a smile on my face for others and say positive things.

I'm sitting here eating free onion rings and wondering if I should take my littles outside.

As I decide, let's do Mama M's Five Question Friday blog hop!

1. Are you a napper?

Oh yes. If there was an award for napping I would win. I could nap anywhere, anytime.

Frankly I'd sell one of my kids just to have one right this minute.

2. What was your favorite subject in school? Most hated?

Favourite subjects were English, History and Law.

I HATED Math. Oh man did I hate math. And I was really bad at it too. Which makes my career in accounting really hard to understand.

3. Did you have the something old new borrowed and blue at your wedding? What were they?

New: dress & life
Old: don't remember
Borrowed: my mother's gold bracelet
Blue: My blue rat I made in the third grade that is as close to a good luck charm as you can get

4. What one thing are you determined to do this summer?


5. Ice cream or Popsicles?

Ice cream. Popsicles are messy and they melt and get on your hands and make them sticky. So gross. And they make your teeth and tongue funny colours. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Head on over to Mama M's blog My Little Life to join in on the fun!



  1. Love you. The cloud will move HAS to...and behind it will come a beautiful rainbow!

  2. Anonymous1:48 a.m.

    I feel the same about our future Kate, we never seem to know what surprise (difficulty) is around our corner...we have a 14 year old van still hanging in there for our family of 6. We live in the south so air conditioning is a necessity, although in our van our rear air is not working. We see a lot of other families on our street with new or newer vehicles, but know we do not want to get a new vehicle just to keep up with the "Jones" We do not want debt beyond what we are able to handle. I am praying for your family Kate, and every new obstacle you all encounter! Hugs, Yvonne

  3. Thank you Yvonne xo