Monday, February 04, 2013

Good News and More Good News

It's been an exciting few days around here.

I think I mentioned that Sam had his audition on Jan 25th for the media arts program and the high school he is longing to get into. He had submitted his letters of recommendation, character letters, report cards, attended their workshop, ect. For the audition, he had to prepare a 60 second video with a voice over and a certain number of transitions and graphics included. He chose to do his video on social media and the effects. It was awesome!

I took the morning off work to take him to his audition and I didn't know who was more nervous - him or me! He looked so handsome in his shirt, tie and dress pants. He was quiet afterwards, almost disappointed.

This past week was a long one for him as he waited for the results to be posted on the school website. Hundreds of students from several schools apply for this program and only 22 get accepted.

And he got in!!!

We are so thrilled for him. He came home that night and crashed and didn't wake up until 9pm. He said he had no idea how tightly wound he was, waiting for the results. We had a celebration dinner for him on Saturday night with ribs and wings, and a cookie cake with ice cream for dessert.

My boy is happy.

In other news... I got a promotion today. Our credit manager has been off sick for a month now, and it looks as though it will be another month or so before she returns. This morning the owners asked if I would step in and take over until she returns. We discussed my qualifications - or rather, lack therof - but they have faith in me that I can do it, so I agreed to give it my best. We're going to touch base in a week to see how I'm doing and if I want to continue in the role or have them bring someone in from outside.

Today was off the charts busy. My phone was going nonstop, the emails were pouring in, people were asking me questions and looking to me to make decisions... It was insane. I did the best I could today, and I'll do my best tomorrow. That's as far ahead as I can look at this point. I have this intense fear of failure, so I'm hoping it will go ok.

Alrighty. I need to work on my course homework so I'll wrap this up.

See you next time :-)



  1. So proud of you and your amazing family!! Have a wonderful week friend!!

  2. Awesome news for both you and Sam! Congrats!

  3. Course home work?! Are you in school?? I miss you! So, so happy for Sam to get accepted! What an accomplishment! And I'm thinking you'd make a pretty awesome boss! :)

  4. WOOHOO! WTG Sam! and KATE'S A BOSS!!!! YAY!

  5. WOW Lady Katie! What blessings surround you! God brought you to this promotion, He'll see you through it. Well done to you and Sam!!!

  6. Congratulations to both you and your son. Don't work too hard!