Monday, February 25, 2013


I can't believe that this is the end of February. I just can't. Where have the last two months gone??

Meh. Who cares. Come on, Spring! I'm waiting for you!

I am fully into my new role as credit manager now and my days are very full. Tons of emails and my phone seems to never stop ringing. People asking me to make decisions on things. Lots of meetings. It's overwhelming and I feel the weight of it all. When I run my reports and see just how much money I am responsible for... well, I just can't absorb it. I don't know when (or if) the real credit manager will be coming back. I'm just continuing to try my best.

I'm over halfway through my course at the church now, with graduation scheduled for May 29th. I am beyond excited for this Wednesday night's session. The author of the study we're doing will be doing the teaching time and I CAN'T WAIT. He will also be speaking at the church on Sunday evening as well.

Yesterday I had some girl time with Julie and we spent our time together shopping. Walmart was all out of carts, so we had to use these baby sized carts that were absolutely adorable. It held my purse and a package of muffins, that's how small it was. I did her nails before bed and we talked about girly things.

Tonight I took Jordan out for a slushie after dinner, then I did her nails. Sweet mercy, that child never runs out of things to talk about! I love her dearly. Ian bought her a pair of skinny jeans and I just couldn't get over how cute she looked.

Sam is sick with some sort of bug for the last two days. I picked him up from a party on Saturday night and he was running down. Jordan asked if we could buy him a slushie to "help his sore froat".

I think Matthew is getting sick again as well. He was awfully sick about a week ago, sicker than he's ever been. I'm really hoping it's just molars or something. He is a cranky fellow and that's just not his nature.

Recently I decided to give Downton Abbey a second shot and I'm so glad I did. I am completely hooked on it. I'm on season 3 episode 6. Love it.

Mom came over on Friday night to invite us to join her on her August holiday. She rents a cottage on the lake and we all just love it there. I believe I've shared pictures here before. My favourite aunt will be joining us this year and I just can't wait. And Mattie will be old enough to run on the beach with the big kids! Too bad he hates the water though... I'm looking forward to being with all my most favourite people in the world all at once.

I don't really have a lot to talk about lately. My focus is on my job and my course, with little time or energy for anything else. I miss being with Ian and the children, but once I get home I just want to zone out in a quiet place. I feel out of touch with everything.

I have a book review coming up in a few days so you'll see me twice this week :-)

But for now... it's Downton Abbey time.



  1. Poo. I don't like your job and once again I'm hoping you have another baby so you can have a year long maternity leave! I miss you!!!!!!

  2. Elisha has been sick this week with a sore throat too. No fever, no yucky runny nose, or upset tummy, just a major sore throat. Poor kiddo.

    I miss reading your posts, but I'm not all that adept at keeping up my own blog either, so I'll take what I can get. :)