Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Want To Be A Toddler

You know who has it made in this world?

Toddlers have it made.

They get to do what they want, when they want, however they want...and all is okay.

They laugh so hard it literally causes them to fall over. Anything and everything is funny, and they just let go. A toddler's belly laugh can fix just about anything, don't you think?

How about when they're angry? They can just lay down on the ground and kick and scream, letting all their frustrations out. Haven't you wished you could do that once or twice? I know I have. Something tells me I might be looked upon a little differently than say a 2-year old.

They're so full of love for everyone. They'll hug and kiss a stranger, just because they can. If we do that then the police get involved...

A kiss on a boo boo takes the pain away.

A cookie makes everything better.

They get to ride in a stroller everywhere they go.

They can nap all afternoon. I don't get why they cry and fight their naps, though. I never cry if presented with the opportunity to nap. Well... unless they are tears of joy.

Toddlers can eat with their hands. How cool is that? Let's face it, some food you just can't get in your mouth fast enough. {Hello SmartFood...I'm talking to you}

And if they don't like a particular food they just spit it out. I've had a few meals in my life where I wish I could have just spit something out.

They shout when they want. Even swear words. Haven't you wished you could shout a swear word??

Oh yes...I have.

Everything is exciting and fresh and new for them.

Oh yes, they've got it made.


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