Friday, September 19, 2014


I kind of wish I was a drinker because tonight would be a great night to open a bottle of wine and stick a straw in it.

What a week.

  I was short staffed so my days were exceptionally busy. I had to stay late almost every night to try to catch up on my workload somewhat. Which meant that two nights I served dinner at bedtime.

I'm trying to decide if I should go in to the office for a few hours tomorrow morning. I have so much work to do and It's absolutely overwhelming.

Lots of crappy-mom stuff this week too. I disappointed Julie by saying no to a school trip to Washington. I was short tempered and distracted a lot. My littles didn't get to linger and play in the bath like they like to. Songs and prayers at bedtime were rushed because I just wanted all the things of the day to be over with so I could be alone.

There is a heaviness in my spirit today. I kept putting my head down on my desk and praying but the fear and anxiety wouldn't go away. My heart feels exhausted. I have so many things on my mind and I just can't quiet my brain.

Ah well, tomorrow is a new day. It will be better.

My littles are now tucked in bed, with extra songs and giggles and hugs and kisses, trying to make up for this week. The house is quiet now,and I can feel myself starting to slow down a bit. Soon, Ian and the big kids will be home from youth group.

I'm hungry because Mattie fed my dinner to the dog while I was in the bathroom.

Tomorrow I will visit my mama. She makes everything feel better. Or manageable at least. Do we ever stop needing our mothers?? I don't think so.

Ian did the new iOs8 upgrade thing today and lost everything on his ipad. I'm scared to upgrade. I held off on the iOs7 upgrade until the very last possible second because I hate change. I can be very patient when I need to be. My phone is up for renewal in April which is very exciting to me because I smashed my iPhone screen again. I'm not interested in the iPhone 6 whatever, another 4S will be fine.


That's all I've got.

Over and out.

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  1. I still won't update my iPad to the iOs7! I don't like change either.